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How the secretariat works

How the secretariat works. Simao Campos Telecommunication Standardization Bureau ITU. Geneva, 15-16 December 2008. Outline. About ITU Responsibilities Teams SG secretariat Publication. ITU is many things. Technical / policy work in the General Secretariat and in the three Sectors:

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How the secretariat works

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  1. How the secretariat works Simao Campos Telecommunication Standardization Bureau ITU Geneva, 15-16 December 2008

  2. Outline • About ITU • Responsibilities • Teams • SG secretariat • Publication

  3. ITU is many things • Technical / policy work in the General Secretariat and in the three Sectors: • Radiocommunications • Telecommunications standardization • Telecommunications development • Conference organizer • Publication house • Fair organizer (Telecom) • Convenient for running of meetings and handling publications but complex internal ecosystem

  4. Secretariat responsibilities • Entry point for delegates and participants • Gatekeeper responsibility • Proper process • Balances and checks • Quality, consistency, history • Solution finding • Need to provide value added • Compared to competition posed by other SDOs

  5. Teams in TSB • SG secretariat • Meeting logistics • Publication services • Documents control • EWM (IT infrastructure for TSB)  EDH • Operational bulletin • Promotion / Communication • Member relations • Focus in this presentation: • SG secretariat, meeting logistics, publication

  6. Delegate’s view: tip of iceberg Requests Replies SG Secretariat Meeting arrangements, meeting rooms, badging, visa, audio conferences, … IS TSB Mtg logistics IT issues not related tomeeting documents: web pages, IFAs, remote collaboration, … ITU Meeting logistics EDH Docs control, Publication Posting reports, interface for translation, final preparation of ITU products (text, software), … IS: Information Services Dept.

  7. SG secretariat

  8. Workflow for meeting documents • FTP to EDH • Email to EDH • Email to Counselor, Assistant, Secretariat • Web submission form • Handed in (CD, USB key, etc) Doc received Control Author Review by Counselor/Engineer Paper copy distribution FTP availability Assistant formats document Print shop Common services Web site availability IS Assistant sends doc for paper reproduction TSB Assistant registers doc (DPS) Assistant posts doc (DMS)

  9. Workflow with AAP Rec Comment Comment Res. Log Final review by Counselor/Engineer Doc received Approval Control Pre-pub text Publication text Author LC / ARperiod closes Review by Counselor/Engineer Assistant formats document Non-approval LC / ARperiod Assistant formats document Next SG meeting Assistant dispatches to PEPedit Web site availability Assistant posts doc (DMS) LC / AR: 1st / 16th

  10. Publication

  11. Simplified workflow Editor / Rapporteur Text received by PEPedit Secretariat Publication Editing team: English (paper) Dispatch Pre-publication Editing team: drawings Dispatch EDH Docs control TSB Common services Typing pool (assembling) QuickPub QuickPub IS Sales Text on website Pool(translation)

  12. Conclusion

  13. Conclusions • Interaction with a federation of services within and outside TSB • Complex interactions and accommodation of the needs from the three sectors, Telecom and General Secretariat • Delegates and participants only see the tip of the iceberg

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