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Hey !. Selt - introdution. Check it out !. About Me. Hi , I’m Kelly ! I am friendly and easygoing. I like to make friends.

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About Me

Hi,I’m Kelly ! I am friendly and easygoing. I like to make friends.

My hobbies are listening to music and reading books. My favorite food is chocolate. That why my favorite color is brown and I also like fruit ,too.Few weeks ago,I started to ride bicycle to school. Now I really like to do that.

I want to tell you more !

Let’s keep going !


Our school

Da Yi junior high school

I think our school is very special. I learn many things in here.

He is our school Principal.

He is funny and nice.


Our teacher

He is our teacher,Alex.

He works hard and very kind.

He gives us many chances to learn new things.



Our school uniform is very different from yours.

Wear this in PE class

Wear this in other class


About Taiwan

Taiwan is a beautiful country.It has many beaches and mountains,so Taiwan has another name” Formosa”. It mean beautiful island.

Taiwan’s weather is usually hot and it rains a lot in summer.

Taiwan has many special places and food,for example : night market and Oyster omelets. More about Taiwan places…

Night market

Oyster omelets


Places in Kaoshiung 1

Kaoshiung Arena

This is a famous department store in Kaoshiung.

Many singers will come here .

Inside there have bookstore,restaurant and sell many things.

Go there with friends is a good choice.


Places in Kaoshiung 2

Chi Jin Windmill park

This place is at the southwest end of Kaoshiung.

There has beautiful ocean and many Artistic work.

Many people will go there fly kites and do exercise.

There is also a good place for rest and enjoy.


Thank you for listening !

I hope you like Taiwan !

Hope we can be friend. ^ˇ^