quantity and degree words n.
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Quantity and Degree Words

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Quantity and Degree Words - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quantity and Degree Words. Section 9. All, almost all of, most of and some of. All. Almost all of. Most of. Some of. All the computers are new. All + the + Plural-countable noun All the water is in the glass. All + the + uncountable noun All of them are here.

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all almost all of most of and some of
All, almost all of, most of and some of


Almost all of

Most of

Some of


Allthecomputers are new.

All+ the +Plural-countable noun

Allthewater is in the glass.

All+ the + uncountable noun

Allof them are here.

All+ of+ pronoun


EveryStudenthas a pen.

Every+ singular countable N.+ singular V.

Every student = All the students

Every + singular N. = All +the+ plural N.

So, We DON’T use every with plural nouns , uncountable nouns or pronouns.

very too

Very & Too

Comes before adjectives


It’s verycold.

------very + Adj.

It adds emphasis.

It makes the word that comes

after it stronger.


It’s toocold to stay outside.

----too+ Adj.

It shows that there is a problem.

(We cannot stay outside)

too many too much

Too many & too much

To talk about quantities


I have too many dresses.

too many+ plural countable noun

I have too much homework.

too much+ uncountable noun


She is tooyoungto drive.

too+ Adj. + infinitive


This book is toodifficultforhim to read.

too + Adj. + for + pronoun + infinitive

This book is toodifficultforAli to read.

too + Adj. + for + noun + infinitive


enough means= sufficiently

It has a positive meaning.

It means something is possible.

He is old enough to drive.

Adj.+ enough


Not enough means=not sufficiently

It has a negative meaning.

It means something is not possible.

He is not old enough to drive.

Adj.+ enough


Enough comes before the noun

Enough= sufficient

We’ve got enough donations.

enough+ noun