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Celebrating the Liturgical Year of the Church in our Classrooms PowerPoint Presentation
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Celebrating the Liturgical Year of the Church in our Classrooms

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Celebrating the Liturgical Year of the Church in our Classrooms
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Celebrating the Liturgical Year of the Church in our Classrooms

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  1. Celebrating the Liturgical Year of the Church in our Classrooms

  2. The Church year is different from our calendar year, it is based around the feasts of the Church and is broken up into Liturgical Seasons. Alive-O7 Teachers Manual contains Background for teachers on Liturgical Year. Poster in Alive-O 7, Liturgical Year Activity Sheet Alive-O7 Workbook Page 27


  4. Mark the beginning of the school year with Assembly/Prayer Service/Mass. Welcome especially infants, new families, new children joining other classes, Welcome “new Irish” to our schools, new teachers, new special needs assistants, new ancillary staff, new board of management members.

  5. Plenty of examples in opening lessons in Alive-O teachers’ manual. • Nice prayer time in Alive-O 5 (p.5) • Our Lady’s Birthday September 8th • Feast of St. Vincent de Paul September 27th Alive-O Term 1, lesson 8


  7. Feast of St.Therese of LisieuxOctober 1st see Alive-O 8 Term 2 Lesson 2Feast of St. Francis of Assisi October 4th see Alive-O 6 Term 1 Lesson 4Blessed Columba Marmion(Dublin) October 3rdChildren Helping Children National Day of Prayer October 10th 2008 (Always 2nd Friday of October)

  8. Month of the Rosary Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary October 7th Joyful Mysteries Alive-O 3 Term 3 Lesson 1 Sorrowful Mysteries Alive-O 4 Term 3 Lesson 1 Glorious Mysteries Alive-O 6 Term 1 Lesson 5 Mysteries of Light Alive­-O7 Term 1 Lesson 7 Day of Prayer for Emigrants October 12th 2008 Mission Sunday October 19th 2008


  10. Feast of all Saints/ All Souls November 1st/2nd Alive-O 1-4 School book of remembrance for those who have died in families, in our school, in our community Opportunity to discuss the patron saint of the school (if relevant) All the Saints of Ireland November 6th Alive-O 5 Term 1 Lesson 7, Alive-O 8 Term 1 Lesson 13-16

  11. St. Brigid Alive-O Term 2 Lesson 3St. Patrick Alive-O Term 2 Lesson 8, Alive-O2 Term 2 Lesson 7St. Columba Alive-O3 Term 1 Lesson 6St. Gobnait Alive-O4 Term 3 Lesson 10St. Brendan Alive-O5 Term 1 Lesson 7 & Term 3 Lesson 8St. Canaire Alive-O6 Term 1 Lesson 4St. Kevin & St. Laurence O’Toole Alive-O7 Term 1 Lesson 8 (Icon & Video/Dvd)Feast of St. Laurence O’Toole November 14thPresentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary November 21stFeast of Christ the King November 23rd 2008

  12. ADVENT

  13. First Sunday in Advent Sunday November 30th 2008 Beginning of the Church New Year Alive-O7 Teachers’ Book (background information) Advent as a time of Preparation for Christmas Alive-O 1-4, term 1 Lesson 12-14, Alive-O5 Term 1 Lesson 9-11, Alive-O7 Term 1 Lesson 12-14 Opportunity for Blessing of Advent Wreath and Crib for school, class. Advent Prayer Service

  14. Feast of St. Francis Xavier December 3rd Feast of St. Nicholas (Galway) December 6th Feast of Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary December 8th Feast of St. Lucy December 13th Feast of St. Flannan (Killaloe) December 18th The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ December 25th Feast of St. Stephen first Martyr December 26th Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph December 28th


  16. Solemnity of Mary Mother of God & World Day of Peace January 1st Epiphany of Our Lord January 6thFeast of St. Munchin January 3rd (Limerick)Feast of the Baptism of the Lord January 8thWeek of Prayer for Christian Unity (January)World Day for Migrants and Refugees (January)Education in Faith Sunday (January)Feast of Blessed Margaret Ball January 30th (Dublin)Feast of Blessed Francis Taylor January 30th(Dublin & Meath)Feast of St. Aidan January 30th (Ferns)Feast of St. John Bosco, Patron Saint of the youth January 31st


  18. Baptism In The Alive-O Programme Alive-O3 Term 3 Lesson 6 Alive-O4 Term 3 Lesson 9 Alive-O 5, 6, 7, 8, also deal with Sacrament of Baptism These lessons provide an opportunity to discuss Holy Water, Baptismal photographs/memories Confirmation classes Renewal of Baptismal Promises (Alive-O 7&8 video/DVD on Confirmation from the Chrism Mass to Confirmation Celebration) (DVD now available)


  20. Feast of St. Brigid February 1st Alive-O Term 2 Lesson 3 Poster in infants pack and words of song “We sing a song to Brigid” to be found in Alive-O 1,2,5 &6 Presentation of Our Lord & Candlemas February 2nd Feast of St. Blaise February 3rd World Day for Consecrated Life (early February) Day of Prayer for Temperance (early February)

  21. Feast of St. Mel February 7th (Ardagh & Clonmacnois) Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes February 11th World Day of the sick (February 11th) Feast of St.Gobnait February 11th Alive-O4 Term 3 Lesson 10 (Cork) Feast of St. Valentine February 14th The Chair of St.Peter (Office of Pope) February 22nd

  22. LENT

  23. Ash WednesdayBlessing and distribution of AshesAlive-O 3/4 Term 2 Lesson 4Alive-O 5/6/7/8/ Term 2 Lesson 5,6,6,7Lent as a time of preparation for EasterAlive-O 3/4 Term 2 Lesson 4Alive- O5/6/7/8/ Term 2 Lesson 5,6,6,7

  24. Holy Week/The Triduum Alive-O Term 2 Lesson 10 Alive-O3/4 Term 2 Lesson 9 & Term 2 Lesson 10 Alive-O 5/6/7/8/ Term 2 Lesson 10,9,12,8, Stations of the Cross Alive-O5 Term 2 Lesson 10 Alive-O8 Term 2 Lesson 8

  25. EASTER

  26. Alive-O Term 2 Lesson 10 Alive-O3/4 Term 2 Lesson 9 & Term 2 Lesson 10 Alive-O 5/6/7/8/ Term 3 Lesson 1 (Post Resurrection)

  27. Feast of St. Kieran March 5th (Ossory) Feast of St. John of God March 8th Patron of nurses, the sick, heart patients, printers and booksellers Feast of St. Senan March 8th Alive-O6 Feast of St. Aengus March 11th (Kildare & Leighlin) Feast of St. Patrick March 17th Alive-O Term 2 Lesson 8 & Alive-O2 Term 2 Lesson 7 Feast of St. Joseph Patron of the Church & Husbands March 19th Feast of St. Macartan March 24th (Clogher) Feast of the Annunciation of our Lord March 25th


  29. Feast of St. Ceallach (Celsus) April 1st (Armagh) Anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul April 2nd (2005) Feast of St. John Baptist de La Salle April 7th Patron of Teachers Vocation Sunday (Day of Prayer for Vocations) April 13th 2008 Feast of St. Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes April 16th Feast of St. Laserian (Molaise) April 18th (Kildare & Leighlin) Anniversary of election of Pope Benedict XVI as supreme Pastor of the Church April 19th (2005) Solemn inauguration April 24th (2005) Feast of St. Asicus Disciple of St.Patrick, April 27th (Elphin)

  30. Ascension of The Lord (May 11th 2008) Feast of Pentecost (May 11th 2008) Alive-O 3/4 Term 3 Lesson 6,9Alive-O 5/6/7/8 Term 3 Lesson 6,6, Term 2 Lesson 7,8, Term 3 Lesson 1


  32. * Annunciation (March 25th) Alive-O8 Term 2 Lesson 6 Feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8th) Alive-O8Term 2 Lesson 6 Assumption (August 15th) Alive-O 6 & 8 Term 1 Lesson 5 & Term 2 Lesson 6 Mary Mother of God (January 1st) Alive-O8 Term 2 Lesson 6 Our Lady’s Birthday (September 8th) Alive-O8 Term 2 Lesson 6 Our Lady of the Rosary (October 7th) Alive-O7 Term 1 Lesson 7

  33. Feast of St. Joseph the Worker May 1st (Patron of all workers) World Communication Day May (4th May 2008) Feast of St.Conleth May 4th (Kildare & leighlin, Dublin) Feast of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice May 5th (Christian Brother Schools) Feast of St. Brendan the Navigator May 16th (Kerry) Alive-O5 Term 3 Lesson 8 Feast of Our Lady of Fatima May 13th

  34. Feast of St. Carthage May15th (Waterford &Lismore) Feast of The Sacred Heart of Jesus May 30th Feast of St. Joan of Arc May 30th Feast of Corpus Christi May 25th 2008 Visitation of the Virgin Mary May 31st Alive-O3 Term 3 Lesson 1

  35. Feast of the Most Holy Trinity (May 8th 2008) (see Rublev Icon Alive-O 8 Term 1) The Trinity in Alive-O Alive-O5 Term 1 Lesson 1 and 7, Term 3 Lesson 1 Alive-O6 Term 3 Lesson 6 Alive-O7 Term 2 Lesson 7-11 Alive-O8 Term 1 Lesson 3,4,5. Celebration of the Sacrament of First Eucharist (May & June)


  37. Feast of St. Kevin of Glendalough June 3rdAlive-O7 Term 1 Lesson 8Feast of St. Jarleth June 6th (Tuam)Feast of St. Columba (Columcille) June 9th (Donegal) (Patron of Glenstal Abbey)Feast of the The Irish Martyrs June 20thBirthday of St. John The Baptist June 24th Alive-O5 Term 1 Lesson 10Feast of St. Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr, June 28th Title of Alive-O programme is based on the inspirational writings of St. Irenaeus.“The Glory of God is People Fully Alive” Suggestions for graduation/ farewell ritual for sixth classes Alive-O8 

  38. Colours of the Liturgical Year Vestments, Banners, Altar Dressing, Flowers

  39. www.catholic.org website for information on all our saintswww.trocaire.org official overseas development agency of Catholic Church in Irelandwww.catholicireland.net up to date liturgical information, saints of the day, pray to God, Religious Education information, Religious Education book reviews etc.www.missionalive.org or www.imu.ie supporting mission awareness and returned missionaries in Irelandwww.veritas.ie very useful for ourselves for up to date pricing, available resources etc, as well as opportunity for schools to order online for their school resources.www.vatican.va official Vatican Website in Romewww.missionsocities.ie official agency of the Catholic Church for overseas mission development.