the liturgical year advent n.
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The Liturgical Year - Advent

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The Liturgical Year - Advent - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Liturgical Year - Advent. “In Christianity time has a fundamental importance.” (On the Coming of the Third Millennium -Tertio Millennio Adveniente).

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the liturgical year advent

The Liturgical Year - Advent

“In Christianity time has a fundamental importance.”

(On the Coming of the Third Millennium

-Tertio Millennio Adveniente)


Catechesis for recognizing God’s presence in time, for keeping time holy, and for the exteriorization of the liturgical year is directed to every Christian. (NDC p. 147)

The liturgical year exerts “a special sacramental power and influence which strengthens Christian life.(NDC p. 146)

Religious customs and traditions of the diverse cultural and ethnic heritages of peoples who make up the Catholic Church also are reflected thought the liturgical year. (NDC p. 148)

historical points
Historical Points
  • Early Christians – Sunday (original and primary fast day)
  • First Christians brought with them their own cultures and celebrations
  • Jewish and Gentile (Roman)
  • What was compatible with their new faith? Incompatible?
  • Became like “Stew”- many ingredients
liturgical year seasons
Liturgical Year – Seasons
  • Christmas Season
    • Incarnation
    • Eastern Churches – Baptism of the Lord – Thespian
  • Lenten Season
    • Deepen baptismal commitment - conversion
    • Penitential season – fasting prayer and almsgiving
    • 40 days of Jesus in the desert (catechumens)
  • Easter Season (Triduum)
    • Pascal Mystery – passion, death and resurrection
    • Fifty days to Pentecost
  • Ordinary Time
    • Christmas to Lent
    • Pentecost to the Feast of Christ the King – different aspects for immersing into the mystery of Christ
historical perspective
Historical Perspective
  • 6th c Rome – a time of preparation
  • Gregory the Great – Incarnation of Christ – historical marker for the beginning of salvation.
  • In Gaul – focus primarily eschatological (penance and final judgment)
  • General Norms for the Liturgical Year – both history and eschatology be held in tension.
advent themes
Advent Themes
  • Songs – Music
  • Light – Darkness
  • Color – Purple (blue), Pink (white)
  • Symbols
  • Rituals
  • Special Biblical Stories
  • Special Prayers
    • All are inter-related to nurture spiritual understanding, meaning, depth, engagement and for on-going conversion.

“The season of Advent has a twofold character. It is a time of preparation for Christ when the first coming of God’s Son to men is recalled. It is also a season when minds are directed by this memorial to Christ's second coming at the end of time. It us thus a SEASON OF JOYFUL EXPECTIOAN: (GNLY, 39)

advent spirituality renewal
Advent Spirituality(renewal)


History (past) ----Present (today) ----Future (eschatology)

theological advents of christ martin connell
Theological Advents of Christ(Martin Connell)
  • All sorts of “comings” in the scriptures –
    • Annunciation
    • Wedding at Cana
    • Road to Emmaus
  • People are transformed as Jesus is revealed in a new way
  • These are called “little advents” – little comings of Christ!
Non-liturgical advents take place in the kindness of stranger, the generosity of a friend, or the support of a loved one.

Moments of ‘grace’ –

signs of Christ present

breaking into our lives!

new meaning of advent
New Meaning of Advent
  • Recognizing
  • Reflecting
  • Celebrating

Present Advents


“But Advent means that every person and every Christian is and should be an advent person- not just in this part of the church year, but also in his or her entire life.


“This means being a person who cooperatively enacts the one and final movement of the world and history toward God’s arrival in it in freedom, in faith, hope, and love.” (Karl Rahner p.7)

advent spirituality preaching awareness of the spirit the christ that is alive and within us today
Advent Spirituality – Preaching Awareness of the Spirit – The Christ that is alive and within us today!

Christ is always present in his Church, especially in liturgical celebrations!(Constitution on the Sacred LiturgySecond Vatican Council #7)

A call to engage one’s vocation, one’s relationships, one’s hope, one’s life in God, in an active presence, a ‘holy waiting’.
what does holy waiting look like in the liturgical life your life
What does “holy waiting” look like in the liturgical life? Your life?

Prepare the way of the Lord and make straight his paths.”

(Mark 1:3)

the role place of the liturgy of the hours
The Role/Place of the Liturgy of the Hours
  • Biblical, traditional and objective form of prayer in the Church
liturgy of the hours
Liturgy of the Hours
  • True and efficacious encounter
  • Hearts remain open to respond
  • Unending divine call echoing through the ages in the rites of the Church.
  • Advent Liturgy of the Hours – bridge the past, present and future
liturgy of the hours advent synergistic three major themes
Liturgy of the Hours – Advent – Synergistic – (Three Major Themes)
  • Time
    • Setting time aside for reflection
    • Understanding Mystagogia
  • Light
    • Lucernarium (evening prayer) – Festival of light
    • A new candle on the Advent Wreath
  • Eschatology
    • Vespers speaks directly to the future
    • Christ present “God-with-us” – yet coming1
Challenge is‘steering hearts and minds away from the commercialism of Christmasand intoa mode of presently actively waiting!

Leave people with thekeen consciousness that the Advent of Christis happening now, to us, andthat through us it is going to others if happens at all.ADVENT SPIRITUALITY!


Making My Way



With Good Deeds