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Book Choice

Book Choice

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Book Choice

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  1. Dad’s New Job p.14 Ask the Experts Book Choice $3.99 p. 67

  2. Robust Vocabulary Lost Lake Elementary School Created by: Mrs. Rebecca Foster, Literacy Coach

  3. issue An issue is an edition of a newspaper or magazine. 1. Would you want to read the latest issue of a magazine? Explain. 2. Where can you find the newest issue of your favorite magazine? 3. Would you rather receive an early issue of the newspaper or late issue? Why?

  4. advice If you give someone advice, you tell what you think the person should do. 1. Who might you ask for advice about a problem ? Why? 2. Where could you get advice about what kind of bike to buy? 3. Why would you ask a sensible person for advice?

  5. consult When you consult someone, you ask him or her for information. 1. When did you consult with your teacher? 2. Why might you consult a librarian? 3. If you wanted to bake a cake, whom would you consult?

  6. recommend When you recommend something, you tell someone that you think it is good. 1. If you disliked a movie, would you recommend it? Why or why not? 2. What book would you recommend to a friend? 3. What kinds of food would you recommend to a person visiting from a foreign country?

  7. sensible Someone who is sensible makes good decisions and judgments. 1. Is it sensible to go for a walk during a thunderstorm? Explain. 2. When is it sensible to fly a kite? 3. Do you think it is sensible to study for a test? Why?

  8. devise To devise is to figure out a way to do something. 1. What might you do to devise a plan to save money? 2. When might you need to devise a plan? 3. What kind of project might require you to devise a plan?

  9. expertise If someone has expertise, he or she knows a lot about a particular topic or skill. 1. Healthy Heart uses her expertise on healthy habits to answer the question about exercise. 2. Whose expertise do we depend on to make us healthy again when we are ill? 3. If someone commented on your expertise in science, would that probably mean that you are a scientist? 4. In what areas do you feel you have expertise?

  10. correspondence If you send correspondence, you are communicating in writing. 1. The magazine staff read the correspondence sent in by the children. 2. Do you prefer to send correspondence by writing a letter or by using e-mail? 3. How do you feel when you receive correspondence from someone? 4. What type of correspondence do you like to receive?

  11. luscious Something that is luscious appeals to your senses, such as your sense of taste. 1. The boy picked three luscious tomatoes for dinner. 2. Would you think a slice of melon or a slice of onion is luscious? 3. What kind of cake do you think is luscious? 4. If you told your mom that something she fixed for dinner was luscious, does that mean you liked it? 5. What type of dessert do think is the most luscious?

  12. shudder If you shudder, you are trembling from fear or from being cold. 1. The low, rumbling sound of thunder makes the windows shudder in their panes. 2. Which sound is more likely to make you shudder- a loud crashing noise or the sound of a fountain? 3. Does thunder make you shudder? 4. What other things might make someone shudder?

  13. Try this. luscious shudder devise advice issue recommend sensible expertise consult correspondence sensible 1. It was ________________ not to walk on the frozen pond. 2. My father gave me good ________________ about how to make friends. 3. Ms. Schwartz _____________(ed) a doctor about her stomach pain. 4. My _________________ with my pen pal lasted for ten years. 5. She took a bite of the __________________ pear. advice consult correspondence luscious

  14. luscious shudder devise advice issue recommend sensible expertise consult correspondence issue 6. Did you get the June ________________ of this magazine? 7. She is going to ________________ him highly for the job. 8. Reading books will increase your __________________ on several topics. 9. A ________________ of fear ran through me when I heard the howl. 10. She _____________(ed) a plan to earn money. recommend expertise shudder devis

  15. The End