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MAT 4725 Modeling Contest

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MAT 4725 Modeling Contest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MAT 4725 Modeling Contest. MCM/ICM 2014. Quiz tomorrow. Read the first 4 pages of 3.5 for Tuesday MCM rules. MCM/ICM. Group leader need to collect the $100. A list of your names as you want them to appear in your certificates. Problems.

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mat 4725 modeling contest

MAT 4725Modeling Contest



quiz tomorrow
Quiz tomorrow
  • Read the first 4 pages of 3.5 for Tuesday
  • MCM rules
mcm icm
  • Group leader need to collect the $100.
  • A list of your names as you want them to appear in your certificates.
  • 8pm EST on Thursday February 6
  • Teams will choose one of three modeling problems:
  • MCM Problem A (continuous) or
  • MCM Problem B (discrete)
  • ICM Problem C (interdisciplinary)
teams prepare solutions
 Teams prepare solutions
  • Teams may use any inanimate source of data or materials: computers, software, references, web sites, books, etc.
  • ALL SOURCES USED MUST BE CREDITED. Failure to credit a source will result in a team being disqualified from the competition.
teams prepare solutions1
 Teams prepare solutions
  • Team members may not seek help from or discuss the problem with their advisor or anyone else, except other members of the same team. Input in any form from anyone other than student team members is strictly forbidden.
  • This includes email, telephone contact, and personal conversation, communication via web chat or other question-answer systems, or any other form of communication.
teams prepare solutions2
 Teams prepare solutions
  • Partial solutions are acceptable. There is no passing or failing cut-off score, and numerical scores will not be assigned.
  • The MCM/ICM contest judges are primarily interested in the team’s approach and methods.
summary sheet
Summary Sheet
  • Restatement Clarification of the Problem - state in your own words what you are going to do.
  • Assumptions with Rationale/Justification - emphasize those assumptions that bear on the problem. List clearly all variables used in your model.
  • Model Design and justification for type model used/developed.
summary sheet1
Summary Sheet
  • Model Testing and Sensitivity Analysis, including error analysis, etc.
  • Discuss strengths and weakness to your model or approach.
  • Provide algorithms in words, figures, or flow charts (as a step by step algorithmic approach) for all computer codes developed.
  • Each page of the solution should contain the team control number and the page number at the top of the page;
  • Suggestion: using a page header on each page, for example:

Team # 1729 Page 6 of 13

  • Conciseness and organization are extremely important.
  • Key statements should present major ideas and results.
  • Present a clarification or restatement of the problem, as appropriate.
  • Present a clear exposition of all variables, assumptions, and hypotheses.
  • ·        
  • Present an analysis of the problem, including the motivation or justification for the model that is used.
  • Include a design of the model.
  • Discuss how the model could be tested, including error analysis and stability (conditioning, sensitivity, etc.).
  • Discuss any apparent strengths or weaknesses in your model or approach.
  • The names of the students, advisor, or institution should not appear on any page of the solution.
  • Contest ends at 8pm EST on Monday February 10
  • 2 copies of the Summary Sheet
  • 2 copies of the Solutions
  • Have each student sign the control sheet******, pledging that they have abided by the contest rules and instructions
  • Each team is required to submit an electronic copy of its solution paper by email to Any team member or the advisor may submit this email.
  • Your email MUST be received at COMAP by the submission deadline of 8PM EST on February 10, 2012
  • You are required to include an electronic copy of your team’s solution papers. Please enclose a CD-ROM with a PDF or Word file of your paper.
  • DO NOT include programs or software on these disks.
class meetings
Class Meetings
  • Formal class meeting will resume on Tuesday, 2/11
  • Ainsley, Tara