the many faces of acting n.
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The Many Faces Of Acting . PowerPoint Presentation
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The Many Faces Of Acting .

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The Many Faces Of Acting . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Many Faces Of Acting .
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  1. Actors Associates The Many Faces Of Acting. By Haveen Bosali

  2. Monthly Summary • About Us • Current Actors • Most Popular Actor

  3. About Us We are a leading talent agency based in central Belfast, a convenient location for transport links. We take on all ages, sizes, genders and a much wider range of people which suit there comfortable ability to a type of act, e.g. comedy, dramatic, musical, and Shakespearean. Our teachers have mastered in drama, art, and musical. And are making sure the they do every thing they can to help the actors, to gain professional ability.

  4. More Information We are based in Belfast. There are many ways to come join us. Transport- maybe not by plane or ferry unless you are joining us from abroad, which you will still be most welcome to come and accepted.

  5. Current Actors Here are our actors, who have trusted us and who we are willing to help them in there special ability of acting. And hopefully make a career for them.

  6. Actors…. This is one of our actors who has qualified and is now working on his professional career, After 2 months of working with us; he had learned to develop his speech, confidence and is now working with many different people, and in many different genres such as comedy, dramatic, sci-fi, and many more. The skills he has developed over the short period of time with us will be showed on his C.V. and eill help him when getting further jobs as this show he is a quick learner.

  7. most popular actor This is Qyra Mitchell, she has worked with actors associates for 3 years and is now working on her professional jobs, taking on many roles. While at actors associates she was one of our most popular actors, she has built up confidence, and made many friends while working with actors associates.

  8. More Popular Actors Shia Labouf Chris Evans Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Aniston Tom Welling Adrian Grenier Josh Hutcherson