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Case Study & FAQ’s PowerPoint Presentation
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Case Study & FAQ’s

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Case Study & FAQ’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Case Study & FAQ’s
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  1. Case Study & FAQ’s

  2. Damn budget constraints….my IT users desperately need new notebooks, printers and screens… do I get them the equipment they need without having the budget???? The equipment I need is R450,000 and I only have R100,000 cash right now! ….Frustration……Damn IT budgets!!! At this rate I’ll have to split the rollout...I'll do what I can now and HOPE to have the budgets approved for next year…..hope my users don’t get frustrated, become despondent and drop critical productivity….

  3. Along comes….. Mr Client…..OK…so you don’t have the R450,000 needed for your rollout….What can you afford to pay on a monthly basis? Mr Client……Channel Capital has the ability to provide you with a financial product and structure to meet your existing requirements! ….about R20,000 per month!!!

  4. Along comes….. • Mr Client…..your benefits will be: • No upfront cash required • Affordable monthly repayments • Monthly repayments are TAX deductible • Upgrade options available during the • term of the contract • No deposits required • Improves your companies equity & • values ratios • Will be off-balance sheet • Will be OPEX & NOT CAPEX GREAT NEWS……with a R20,000 monthly payment, not only will you be able provide your users with new equipment, you’ll be able to upgrade your outdated and ailing servers as well ….. Sounds GREAT, where do I sign?

  5. FAQ’s Can I have escalations? Escalations up to a maximum of 15% p/a & up to 60 months can be provided, making the monthly repayments more affordable Do I still pay VAT? Yes, but unlike a normal cash purchase, your VAT payments are now done over the period of the finance contract and NOT all upfront Can I add additional equipment onto my existing finance contract? YES, subject to credit availability, at any time you require additional products to be supplied, a new schedule can be created referencing the new equipment being installed How is monthly repayments TAX deductible? Your monthly repayment premium is listed as a monthly expense onto your income statement meaning it lowers the net profit before tax annually