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Whelpera - Increase the Milk of Optimum ph for Puppies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Whelpera supplement will be helpful to increase the milk of optimum ph for puppies for their healthy well being. After whelping, this whelpera supplement is also very helpful for the rapid uterine recovery.

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Whelpera increase the milk of optimum ph for puppies

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Effective Whelpera Supplement for Pregnant Dogs

Pregnancy is the most precious moment not only for the humans but also for the dogs. Taking

much care of the whelping dog females is very much important to handle all the tasks in an

efficient manner. Whenever you have a female dog at home and it is going to give birth to the

puppies, first you need to consider looking for the solutions like how to prevent loss of puppies

at the beginning time. Once you have confirmed that your female dog is pregnant, there might be

a chance to get loss of puppies due to the insufficient nutrients and many things. For the proper

care of the puppies in the stomach, all the dog owners are recommended buying the Whelpera

supplement from the online platform.

What is Whelpera supplement?

Whelpera is nothing but the most beneficial supplement which gives proper health care to the

pregnant dogs. Bionova Lifesciences Pte. Ltd is the manufacturing company of this supplement

with all necessary nutrients and health benefits. This supplement contains all essential nutrients

to fight with the different challenges faced by the whelping female dogs including,


Prolonged whelping



Bacterial disease

Puppy mortality which is also known as fading puppy syndrome and etc.

This efficient supplement is very helpful to completely cure these symptoms and problems of the

whelping dogs but not limited to. Due to the insufficient nutritional levels and various other

reasons, the pregnant dogs will get the above mentioned problems frequently. By giving

whelpera supplement to your dog, all of these problems will be easily cured for the healthy

pregnancy. The female dogs are also getting several other infections after giving birth too many

puppies. By this way, the amount of milk and its pH level will be changed. The nutritional levels

in this whelpera supplement will be helpful to increase the Milk of Optimum ph for Puppies

for their healthy well being.

Healthy ingredients in Whelpera supplement:

Whenever you are using this whelpera supplement for your female dog during the pregnancy and

after the child birth, it will give several benefits because of the extensive numbers of healthy

ingredients such as,



Buffering agents

Whelpera increase the milk of optimum ph for puppies





Calcium Gluconate

Zinc ascorbate


Folic acid and more.

All these are essential ingredients which will be highly helpful to aid the female dogs in

producing extensive amounts of clean and healthy milk to its puppies. By this way, it is very

helpful for the neonatal puppy care after whelping. All the diseases and infections will be

rectified by the higher nutritional levels of the whelpera supplement. After the few days of

whelping, sometimes there is a loss of puppies commonly. When you are regularly giving this

supplement to your dogs, you can prevent the loss of puppies and maintain overall health of both

mom dog and all new born puppies. After whelping, this whelpera supplement is also very

helpful for the rapid uterine recovery.