the story of milk l.
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The Story of Milk

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The Story of Milk - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Story of Milk. By: Audrey Harmon. Dairy farmers keep their cows healthy by making sure they have plenty of grass and hay to eat. Healthy cows produce healthy milk.

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the story of milk

The Story of Milk

By: Audrey Harmon

Dairy farmers keep their cows healthy by making sure they have plenty of grass and hay to eat. Healthy cows produce healthy milk.

Dairy operators must keep exact records on milk production, feed, and labor costs. Ear tags are important so that the farmer can track a cow’s milk production and health records.


The farmer will milk the cows at least twice a day. The cattle enter the barn in a line. They will come into the barn in almost the same order each time.

Most dairies are automated. Gates open and close without the aid of humans and even assist in moving the cows along.

Some farmers milk their cows by hand while others use a milking machine. Once the cows are in the stall, their udders are washed and the milking machine is attached.


Milking machines can milk one cow in about five minutes. Milking machines allow the farmer to milk faster and to keep everything cleaner and more sanitary.

After the cow is milked, its udder is washed, again. Then iodine is put on the udder to keep it healthy.
After the cow is milked, the milk is cooled and stored in a stainless steel tank until it is time for it to go to a milk processing plant.

When it is time to take the milk to a processing plant, a stainless steel tank truck comes to the farm and pumps the milk from the cooling tank. The tank keeps the milk cool during the trip to the processing plant.

When the milk arrives at the plant, workers take it and make many delicious, healthy things to eat and drink. Some of these include: