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Amirkabir University of Technology Computer Engineering & Information Technology Department. Humanoid. دکتر سعید شیری قیداری. Android. My beloved…. Repliee Q2. HUMANOID: Locomotion. Direct and Inverse kineamtics

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  1. Amirkabir University of TechnologyComputer Engineering & Information Technology Department Humanoid دکتر سعید شیری قیداری

  2. Android My beloved…. Repliee Q2

  3. HUMANOID: Locomotion • Direct and Inverse kineamtics • Walking in which body’s center of gravity moves altenately on right side and left side • At all times at least one foot in contact with floor and during brief phase both feet in contact with floor

  4. HUMANOID: Walking Model • Created by Boulic et al. (1990) • Mathematical parameterization coming from biomechanical data • Spatial, temporal an joint parameters of free walking • Spatial values normalized by height of thigh

  5. HUMANOID: Grasping • Approach based on 3 steps: • Heuristic grasping decision • Inverse kinematics to find final arm posture • Multi-sensor hand

  6. HUMANOID: Multi-sensor hand • Sphere multi-sensors with both touch and length sensor properties • Efficient for actor grasping problem • Group of objects attached to articulated figure • Sensor activated for any collision with other objects or sensors

  7. HUMANOID: Behavior Control • From path planning to complex emotional interactions. • Animator responsible for design of behaviors • Like theatrical director initialize animation environment while (not terminated) { update scene. realize perception of environment. select actions based on sensorial input, actual state, specific behavior. execute selected actions. }

  8. HUMANOID: Motion Capture • Flock of birds • Calibration retaining motion realism • Process of perturbation introduced by soft tissue and muscle displacement

  9. Representation of Rotation Before we go further, we should consider a few different ways of representing orientation • Each has its own advantages / disadvantages

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