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Air Conditioner – W.G.Speeks

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Air Conditioner – W.G.Speeks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Regular HVAC maintenance is recommended to maximize the efficiency and life of your HVAC equipment. W.G Speeks offers preventative maintenance agreements to keep your system in top running condition; this is just another reason we provide HVAC service Richmond residents can trust.

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Air Conditioner – W.G.Speeks

The cooler months are creeping in and your air

conditioner has outlived another hot, summer

season. But how do you know if it will survive next

summer’s heat wave? Here are some common

indicators that your air conditioning system could be

on its last limb.

1.More Frequent Repairs

If you find yourself calling for AC repairs yearly, it is

most likely time to invest in a new system. Frequent repairs probably means

your AC is starting to give out, and it’s much better to get the issue under

control before you’re caught in the middle of a sweltering summer with no AC.

2.Inadequate Cooling

This one should seem obvious, but if your AC doesn’t seem to be cooling your

home properly, it could be for a number of reasons. Problems such as a

compressor failure, a wrong calibrated thermostat or a refrigerant leak are all

issues that could cause your AC to run improperly. Once you find out the

situation, it could be the case that it’s more cost efficient to purchase a new air


3.Increased Energy Biils

If you’ve noticed a hike in your HVAC bills it could be a sign that something is

wrong. Air conditioner’s that have to work overtime are using much more

energy, and it might make sense to invest in a more energy-efficient air

conditioner that will decrease your peak season payments. More...