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Classroom Procedures PowerPoint Presentation
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Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures

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Classroom Procedures

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  1. Classroom Procedures CHAMPS

  2. Agenda for today • Procedures for the classroom • Attention signals • Classroom Guidelines • CHAMPS • Entering the classroom • Aim Now & Do Now • Getting supplies • Work time • Clean up • Exiting the classroom • Late assignment & follow procedures cards. • Tour of classroom • Practice • Disclosure statement

  3. Guideline #1 • Be in your seat & working on your aim now do now assignment when the tardy bell rings Classroom Guidelines

  4. Guideline #2 • Bring all Materials and work for class and take it with you or put it in your portfolio when you leave. Classroom Guidelines

  5. Guideline #3 • Treat each person in the room with dignity & respect. Classroom Guidelines

  6. Guideline #4 • Follow all directions the first time that it is given. Classroom Guidelines

  7. Guideline #5 • Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the BLHS and Ogden City Schools handbook. Classroom Guidelines

  8. Guideline #6 • This Classroom is a “No Whining Zone.” That means that there will be no whining for any reason. Everything that I do is in your best interest, so please respect the “No Whining Zone” this semester. Classroom Guidelines

  9. Teacher raises hand and says I need your attention please • Student take out headphones, put down what every they are working on and look at the teacher with “0” voice for instruction within 5 seconds. Attention Signal

  10. Conversation • Help • Activity • Movement • Participation CHAMPS

  11. Voice Levels • 0 = No Noise • 1 = Whisper • 2 = Inside Voice • 3 = Presentation Voice • 4 = Outside Voice Conversation

  12. Asking for Help • During individual work time you will… • first look for your answers on the board of steps. • Second you will ask everyone at your table or at least 3 people in the classroom for the answer. • Third if you have not found your answer with the first two steps, raise your hand and I will come to your table to help. Help

  13. Asking for help • During demonstration or presentation • Wait for teacher to ask if there are any questions or concerns than raise your hand. • Wait for teacher to call on you than ask question. • If it is an emergency it is ok to raise your hand during the presentation. Help

  14. Asking for help • During Aim now Do now time • First read smart board & chalk board • Second ask students at table or at least 3 people in the room. • If you are still not able to find the answer come talk to me at the door. Help

  15. We will have many different activities in this class • Group activities, individual activities, and teacher run activities. • Movement is not allowed during activities only during individual work time. Activity

  16. This is the portion that will indicate if it is appropriate to move around the room. • Many activities will allow for certain types of movement. • Movement entails • Using a hall pass • Sharpening your pencil • Retrieving supplies • Putting supplies away • Putting portfolios away • Retrieving papers Movement

  17. Movement is only allowed during individual work time and when the teacher instructs otherwise. • For example when the teacher instructs it is clean up time, you are allowed to put supplies and your portfolio away than return to your assigned seats. Movement

  18. Individual seat time is the only time you can ask to use the hall pass, sharpen your pencil, or be retrieving supplies. Movement

  19. Participation, indicates if you should be raising your hands, holding up your marker board, or some other form of participation in the classroom. • During individual work time participation involves using the only the supplies designated for the assignment. • If you have not been instructed to use the equipment or supplies leave them be. • Students found using supplies they have not been authorized to use or in areas that they are not supposed to be in will be removed from the classroom for the safety of themselves and the class (other penalties will apply). Participation

  20. This means you have followed all the appropriate procedures. • When procedures are followed, rewards are not far behind. • SCOT’s (Students caught on task), will be rewarded for their efforts. Success

  21. You must fill out this card and sign it if you are not turning in your assignment on-time. Late work Card

  22. If you get one of these on your desk it means you are not following one of the procedures or guidelines. • You will need to sign it and follow the instructions on the bottom. • The first time you are not following procedures I will give you a reminder check. • If I have to give you a second slip you will have to meet with me after class to discuss how we can improve & possible have a re-training of the procedures. Reminders to Follow Procedures

  23. Now everyone get up it’s time for a tour of the classroom. • Pay attention I will testing you on these facts throughout the semester. Tour of the Classroom

  24. We are going to read this together. • Their will be a quiz on the information in your disclosure statement, so pay attention. • It needs to be signed and returned to me for 20 points. • This is our first assignment on our assignment logs and is due next time in class. Disclosure Statement