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Aon Hewitt Orientation—Technology Online (Virtual) Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Aon Hewitt Orientation—Technology Online (Virtual) Orientation

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Aon Hewitt Orientation—Technology Online (Virtual) Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aon Hewitt Orientation—Technology Online (Virtual) Orientation. Ground Rules for Technology Learning . Identify yourself before speaking Eliminate noise near phone; use mute (*6 will mute and unmute)

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Aon Hewitt Orientation—Technology Online (Virtual) Orientation

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    1. Aon Hewitt Orientation—Technology Online (Virtual) Orientation

    2. Ground Rules for Technology Learning • Identify yourself before speaking • Eliminate noise near phone; use mute (*6 will mute and unmute) • If multiple participants are logging in from one computer, please list all participant names in the Chat area of the meeting • If you cannot see, hear, or understand, let the instructor know • Notify the group when joining or departing by placing a quick chat in the Chat area of the meeting room • Please do NOT place conference call on hold

    3. Agenda • Password Self Service • Time Entry • Lotus Notes • The Knowledge Exchange (KE) • Email • Calendar • Databases • Introduction to Sametime and WebEx • Learning Opportunities and Resources • Wrap-Up

    4. Working Within Hewitt Learning on WebEx • Use the Feedback buttons to quickly communicate with the instructor • Send questions/messages to the instructor via the Chat panel • During segments where the instructor is presenting a document, adjust your view options if necessary (use the buttons in the bottom, left corner or click the View menu) • Use the Annotation tools to add text, highlights, etc. (only applicable if instructor enables this feature) • Manage the Panels on the right side ofyour screen as desired—minimize,maximize, close

    5. Before we get started…any questions?

    6. Windows XP Desktop To Lock: Press and hold down the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys (simultaneously) Select Lock Workstation To Unlock: Press and hold down the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys (simultaneously) Re-enter your LAN password

    7. iPrint • iPrint is the printer capture utility used at Aon Hewitt. You will need to capture printers before you can print anything from your workstations • The icon for iPrint is located on your Aon Hewitt XP desktop • Refer to the Reference Guides section of the Participant Guide for step-by-step instructions on capturing a printer once you arrive at your workstation • You will learn more about capturing printers in the Aon Hewitt Technology online course

    8. Contacting the Global Support Center • By Phone: • Lincolnshire or UK offices: Extension 14000 • North American offices other than Lincolnshire: System Speed 411 • Local Access Numbers (listed in the HA Computer Technology database) • North American toll-free number: 888-567-8900 • Offices outside of North America (except UK): 513-336-1562 By My Service Desk (less time-sensitive issues): • Beneath the Useful Links area of the Knowledge Exchange (KE) homepage in Lotus Notes • By Email (non time-sensitive support requests only): • Type either 14000 or Support Center Mailbox in the To: field of a Lotus Notes email (non-urgent issues only) • A Global Support Center quick reference card is also available in the HA Computer Technology database

    9. Using Password Self Service • What is Password Self Service? • When do I use Password Self Service? • Why is Aon Hewitt using Password Self Service? • What do I need to do? • See the Reference Guide section of your Participant Guide for step-by-step instructions • Note: Your Lotus Notes password cannot be changed via Password Self Service

    10. Using Password Self Service • Password Self Service Exercise • Let’s take some time now to log in to Password Self Service, change your LAN password, and enroll in your security questions • Refer to the Participant Guide if needed • Raise your hand in the training center when you are done

    11. Time Entry

    12. Importance of Recording Time Global Policy Statement • Time Entry is an online system accessible via the Knowledge Exchange (KE) and the Internet Explorer Aon HewittWebTools intranet homepage • Aon Hewitt's time recording system is linked to our client billing process • Time recording is a primary component of client profitability • Time recording also allows the company to manage the cost side of the business • Accurate recording ensures accurate revenue recognition • All time should be recorded daily • All time must be complete for the week and submitted by Sunday evening by 5:00 p.m. and on the last day of the month • Your manager reviews your time report

    13. Time Entry Overview • Keep track of time spent on projects • Time is tracked in increments of tenths of an hour or quarter-hours (6- or 15-minute increments • Project numbers will initially be communicated to you • Record and save the time worked for the day • Time reports are saved daily and submitted weekly to Financial • You can submit your time report early if you will be out of the office • Online reports are readily available

    14. Features of the Time Entry SystemUnderstanding Chargecodes Record any time spent working for a client to a client chargecode. Your manager or mentor will provide the correct chargecodes to use for the various projects. Client Record internal work provided within the company that is not client-specific. The work is designated by your practice or location. Internal Business/Associate Support (US and Canada) • Business Operations • Business Leadership • Coaching: Receiving • Training: Receiving • Coaching: Prep & Deliver • Training: Prep & Deliver • Recruiting • Assoc Support: Other Company Personal Time • Vacation • Sick Time • Holiday • Personal Holiday • Bereavement • Jury Duty • Community Service • Parental Leave • Non-Compensated • Non-Compensated - Voluntary • Recognition • Relocation • Leave Vacation • Leave Sick Time • Leave Personal Holiday • Leave Noncompensated

    15. All new colleagues are required to take the Time Entry Online Course within their first week This course is available from the Aon University Course Catalog and covers time entry topics such as: Creating time reports Filling in project codes Filling time in to the time report Submitting and unsubmitting a time report Submitting a partial week time report Revising a submitted partial week time report Options for customizing time reports Time Entry Online Course

    16. Make sure that you keep track of your time during these and all learning events! If you are using the Time Entry system at Aon Hewitt, please record your time as follows: Recording Your Time

    17. What questions do you have about Time Entry?

    18. Lotus Notes

    19. Lotus Notes “Quiz”

    20. Using Sametime and WebEx

    21. Using Sametime and WebEx • There are two ways Aon Hewitt connects online: • Sametime Connect (Chat) • WebEx Meeting/Training Center (Meetings/Training Sessions) • Sametime Connect is covered in the Aon Hewitt Technology online course • A user guide for Sametime Connect and WebEx is included in the Reference Guide section of your Participant Guide

    22. Learning Opportunities and Resources

    23. Learning Opportunities and Resources • The Aon Hewitt Orientation reference database • Visit the Your Next Steps After Orientation link • Reference Guide in the back of your Participant Guide • Time Entry Reference • Sametime Connect and Online Meeting Center user guides • Lotus Notes databases • Lotus Notes@HA Reference database • GOT Tips in the HA Computer Technology database • Help menus within the tools • Aon University Course Catalog • Time Entry Online Course (mandatory) • Aon Hewitt Technology Orientation Online Course (mandatory)

    24. Reference Guide • A comprehensive Reference Guide has been added to the back of your Participant Guide. Check this section for more information

    25. Wrap-Up Shutting Down • When you end work each day, you need to CLOSE all open applications and shut down your workstation • Select the Restart option when shutting down if you work onsite in an Aon Hewitt office; select the Shut Down option when shutting down if you work remotely • Turn off the monitor (if applicable) • Clean up the area around your workstation; ensure client data is secure

    26. Thank You for Attending! • Look for a follow-up email in the next few days • Please feel free to give feedback to the Tech Learning Solutions Issue Tracking mailbox