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Comodan Far East Ltd. Milk cows farm project and milk processing technology. PowerPoint Presentation
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Comodan Far East Ltd. Milk cows farm project and milk processing technology.

Comodan Far East Ltd. Milk cows farm project and milk processing technology.

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Comodan Far East Ltd. Milk cows farm project and milk processing technology.

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  1. Comodan Far East Ltd. Milk cows farm project and milk processing technology. We are honored to offer a complete comprehensive project for a commercial milk-cow farm and milk products processing plant based on the advanced Israeli milk-farm technology, which yields the world’s highest milk output, on wide experience in implementing this technology and successfully adapting it to the specific local conditions and needs of various countries, and on the modern, advanced milk processing industry in Israel. We offer a comprehensive solution for establishing a modern milk-cow farm, from A to Z, as well as long term cooperation and technological support. Our experts will accompany the project through all its phases and will work together with the local staff hand in hand. We do it our way….

  2. Financing : In order to ease the financing of the investment in the modern milk-cow farm and the milk processing plant we can offer to our customer a long-term export credit loan (5-10 years) both from Israel and other countries. This long-term credit lines are granted after both our company and the customer go through a certain procedure. For details about this financing, please contact our staff in Beijing office. Schematic plan for 600 milking cows and followers farm

  3. Milk-cow farm: • The milk-cow farm technology consists of the following components: • Field research and data collection in order to obtain all the information needed for the proper design of the farm and optimal management after it is established. • A feasibility study which will serve the decision making process and the financing and governmental institutes demands for granting approvals and financing. • A detailed design and engineering of the farm and all its components, including the infrastructure and utilities. • Research of the available Feed in order to secure the needed optimal nutrition for the live-stock. • Supervision of the civil engineering construction works. • Support in the selection of the live-stock and breeding. • Supply of the milking center and milk cooling and storage systems. • Supply of the most modern tracking, data collection and management computerized system, based on individual electronic tags and data readers and the comprehensive • farm management software. • Erection of a feed center based on optimization of the feed formulation based on the • most cost-effective selection of local available feed/nutrition sources and materials, • and the use of the computerized "self" mixing and distribution wagon. • In farm quality control laboratory to ensure the quality of the milk. • A veterinary support to tackle any veterinarian problem in its initial phase and use • of artificial insemination for herd expansion. • An advanced, computerized daily management of the farm. • Initial training of the local staff in Israel and on-site training. • Experts from Israel for running-in and on-site training. • The above described technology is widely practiced and has been proven to yield the highest milk records per cow in the world. Self propelled and loading feed mixing wagon for TMR.

  4. Milk processing factory: We believe that an integrated project which will use its own milk for milk products processing will pay much higher return to the farm owners, since the raw milk price in China is very low. We own an advanced milk processing technology for a medium size milk processing plant which can successfully compete with the huge milk factories by processing quality and high market value milk products, by entering with relatively low cost investment into special market segments like: "milk delicious", different types of cheese, and flavored milk drinks and ice-cream. Together with the local partner we will perform a market research and feasibility study which will point out the best set of milk products to be manufactured. On the basis of this survey we will design the processing plant, provide the equipment, technology and formulations, as well as marketing assistance.

  5. Contact : For further information about the milk-cow farm project and technology you are invited to contact our staff in Beijing office : Comodan Far East Ltd. Web site : Tel: 010-65157038/9 Fax: 010-65157833 E-mail: Mr. Yin Jiang Mr. Gao Min Mr. Aga Schwartz. See you soon……...