the secret l ife of n.
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The Secret L ife of

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The Secret L ife of. Sierra Dhans. “do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha. “puppy biscuit” Walter Mitty . Fire trucks!!!!.

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the secret l ife of

The Secret Life of

Sierra Dhans

“do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” Buddha

“puppy biscuit” Walter Mitty

fire trucks

Fire trucks!!!!

I was walking down the road and to the side of me was a fire station. The doors were open and I go to see all the fire trucks… they were all shined up ready to go are uniforms hanging on the racks next thing I know the fire whistle goes off we all jump up get are uniforms on and we are on the road in the big shiny fire truck on are way to save a life when we got to the fire call there was a girl in the burning house. I run grab her just before a piece of wood almost fell on her head when I got out of the house I hear someone yell my name SIERRA!! Were up here… and on top of the bridge was my friends we’re waiting for me to join them.



I was just sitting their flipping threw the channels on TV on a long raining day when I stopped because their was a show that caught my eye… are you ready!!! Are you ready to jump they kept saying screaming into my ear then they start to count down from 3 3-2-1 jump and that’s what I did falling from the plane the wind blowing threw hair right on my face it was a rush it went so fast but felt so slow even if I had someone strapped on the back of me because it was my first time it was amazing why is my face wet when it’s a nice day… what the leave me alone dog your breath stinks!!!

scuba diving

Scuba diving!!!

I was listen to a story that my aunt was telling me about when she went on her cruse and the one thing she told me that she liked a lot was when they went scuba diving she said it was the best time of her life and all I could think of is under that water getting to see all them sea creators… we are all geared up ready to go down they tell us we have a hour on are tanks we drop when you hit the water all you can see is your bubbles and that cold water hit your suit after them bubbles went away their was sea turtles everything you wanted to see was their. Sierra sierra… what what I'm listen!

jet skiing

Jet skiing

We were all up at lake Eire out on the boat when my cousin Jason came up on his jet ski all I could think about is going fast and sliding across the water… I'm on the jet ski sliding across the water hitting waves from the boat having a mist of water coming up and hitting me in the fast its so much fun just being able to drive it then a big wave it my face… what was that for you were off in your little world would you want to go for a ride he asked me in a big smile I said yes I would love too!!!



I was at the pond fishing with a few friends and then I felt something grab onto my hook and my pool started to bend I was reeling in and on the end of my hook was a big fish… their it was just flopping around waiting for me to take the hook off and show everyone my fish everyone was cheering and yelling on how big it was all I could think is on if I won the tournament of the biggest fish and then I heard something in my head going that’s not big at all… lets weigh it its only 5 inches that’s not big at all I thought it would be way bigger then that but I guess I though wrong.