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NIEM What is it really?. XML Orb: VIEWS & Insights. David Webber XML savant blog: XMLOrb Legal Disclaimer.

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Niem what is it really


What is it really?

Niem what is it really

XML Orb: VIEWS & Insights

David Webber

XML savant

blog: XMLOrb

Niem what is it really

Legal Disclaimer

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Niem what is it really

NIEM - Many things to many people

  • Cross-government information sharing

  • Interoperable and reusable

  • Cheaper better processes

  • Easier services for citizens

  • Safer society

  • Effective healthcare

Niem what is it really


  • Smarter Processes

  • Empowering Citizens

  • Privacy

  • Quicker and Simpler

  • Open Collaborative Infrastructure

  • Less Bureaucratic

Niem what is it really

Avoiding“God syndrome”

  • Belief in a single infallible solution

  • If we just do this it will make everything so much better

  • Life is complex, managing it is also

  • Common sense versus legal complexity

Niem what is it really

Trial and error

  • Iterative technology improvements

  • Avoiding engineering complexity

  • Trial, error, refinement

  • Taking risks, thinking outside the box

  • Computers make humans smarter

  • Relax, it helps creativity flow

Niem what is it really

Complexity explored

Complex not necessarily


Need to untangle complexity

NIEM for a broader world

A termite "cathedral" mound; example of emergence in nature –

Niem what is it really

NIEM Collections

  • People treat dictionaries, vocabularies, ontologies, associations, linguistics as complex and complicated

  • Need to focus on business goals, breaking problems down, looking only one degrees or two degrees away from desired outcomes

Niem what is it really

Dictionary based paradigm

  • Maturing Dictionary Technologies

  • Simple business information components

  • Leverages XML and semantics

  • Smart wizard agents manage content

  • Technology neutral representation model

  • Can be rendered into any target syntax

Niem what is it really

What people need

  • Business lexicon and search tools

  • Cross-domain analysis tools

  • Compare exchange to dictionary tools

  • Quality control evaluation reporting

  • Content management by domain

Niem what is it really

Smarter NIEM technology

  • Refactoring of NIEM core – basic reusable components – building blocks

  • Context as flexible option not rigidly hardwired by named components

  • XML is all about context by hierarchy - embrace it!

Niem what is it really

HOW will THIS help?

  • Easier for people to do

  • Simple logical business terms

  • Cross-domain information components

  • Intuitive mapping mechanisms

  • Better semantic techniques

  • Leveraging smart agent technology

  • Pre-built public open source components

Niem what is it really


  • The world is not a giant UML model

  • If my software can recognize an information component – that is dynamic reuse

  • Avoid unnecessary attribute overhead

  • Leveraging Content Assembly Mechanisms

Niem what is it really

Open Source resources

Download the CAM editor toolkit from: