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VOLCANOES By Karinsa Kelly

VOLCANOES By Karinsa Kelly. What is a Volcano?.

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VOLCANOES By Karinsa Kelly

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  1. VOLCANOES By Karinsa Kelly

  2. What is a Volcano? “A volcano is most commonly a conical hill or mountain built around a vent that connects with reservoirs of molten rock below the surface of the Earth. The term volcano also refers to the opening or vent through which the molten rock and associated gases are expelled.”

  3. The three main types of volcanoes Shield: Low viscosity magma; continuous eruptions build up many layers of lava

  4. The three main types of volcanoes Composite, or stratovolcano:built up from many periodic eruptions of more viscous lava

  5. The three main types of volcanoes Cinder cone: most common, smallest, sometimes found on the sides of other types of volcanoes

  6. Now let’s make our own volcanoes!

  7. Here are the directions! • Build your volcano: shield, composite, or cinder cone. Remember to leave an opening in the top! • Into your food coloring cup, pour the vinegar and dish soap. Mix with craft stick. • Put on your GOGGLES! Safety is awesome. • Pour baking soda into your cup inside your volcano. • Pour vinegar mixture into your cup inside your volcano. • Wow! • If you would like another eruption, use 1 tble bs, 2 tble vinegar, few drops each dye and soap.

  8. How is our volcano like this one?


  10. Why study volcanoes? • Volcanoes are dangerous! • Lahars • Pyroclastic flows • Hot lava! • Earthquakes • Volcanoes are also good! • Soils • Weather • Geothermal Energy • The origin of life???

  11. http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/gallery/kilauea/volcanomovies/movies/Ep57%20drainback%20-%20July%205-6,%202007-small.movhttp://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/gallery/kilauea/volcanomovies/movies/Ep57%20drainback%20-%20July%205-6,%202007-small.mov http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov/gallery/kilauea/volcanomovies/movies/Drainhole%20pistons%20day%20-%20Jun%203,%202006-small.mov

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