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  1. Gold By :Briana veal

  2. Table of contents • How gold came to be on earth • When humans first found gold • Where do you find gold • Fools gold • Jewelry Photos

  3. Thanks to websites • Psychology • Cultural • • Gold nugget • Australian • • Jewelry

  4. How gold came to be on earth long ago a star next to earth exploded. Right about the time when earth was forming. The little contents from the star got stuck on earth . Since earth was still forming more dirt and thing covered it. You may be thinking well how is it in large clumps if there just molecules from that star . well the earth got very hot when it was forming and melted them together .

  5. When humans first found gold Probably some cavemen were wondering around for some food and found gold. They said to each other Oh that looks shinny and took it but that isn’t really the beginning of gold production . several hundred years later Chinese colonist found it . They thought the same thing when they saw it too . Except this time they decided to bring it to there king . they used gold for everything including .

  6. Where do you find gold ? Gold can be found in rivers and streams as nuggets and flakes . the biggest production place for gold is in Africa South Africa Gold is one of the largest natural resources of South Africa. Ps. nuggets are small clumps of gold and flakes are little speckles of gold

  7. Fools gold When shopping for gold, it’s important to be able to tell real gold apart from fool’s gold. You don’t want to end up spending thousands of dollars on yellow plated metal. During historical periods of gold rushes, many less-than-knowledgeable miners would frequently believe that they hit the mother load upon finding a huge cache of fool's gold. Unfortunately, unlike the real stuff, fool's gold is relatively worthless. The difference between the two is that fools gold is just yellow plated medal and gold is just gold its it self there is nothing more to say what it is. Now let me ask you this would you want colerd metal or magnificent gold

  8. Briana veal