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  1. Imperialism Goal #6

  2. Global expansion beyond our borders Imperialism

  3. US was already settled (manifest destiny) • Began to look for new land, raw materials, new markets for our goods, economic factors • Belief that it was our “duty” to spread our virtues and cultural values to others who are less civilized • New ideas about the growth of our military/navy spread • The Influence of Sea Power Upon History by Alfred Thayer Mahon suggested that a strong navy was a requirement for global expansion, those who controlled the seas controlled the world (ancient civilizations had proved this fact) Reasons for Imperialistic Expansion

  4. Cuba • Puerto Rico • Philippines • Guam • Panama • China • Hawaii and Alaska Countries US expanded its control over during this time

  5. Fought in Cuba, Spain controlled Cuba and other nations both in the Bahamas and in the Pacific (McKinley was president) • (Big picture) US was expanding worldwide, increasing its naval power and looking for overseas possessions and Spain had control • USS Maine explodes • De Lome Letter intercepted • Journalists published pictures of Spanish there committing crimes against the Cubans • Yellow Journalism (exaggerated truths) • William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer (journalists) • Jose Marti • US felt the need to intervene and help the Cubans win their independence from Spain Spanish-American War: Causes

  6. Theodore Roosevelt becomes war hero (led the Rough Riders) and will become president in 1901 when McKinley is shot • US defeats Spain after which point Spain will never be a world power again • US acquires Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines from Spain as a result of winning the war, bloody warfare breaks out in the Philippines over our acquisition of it (the people were angry) • US gains great deal of land from the war and is elevated to world power • Treaty of Paris of 1898 ends it Spanish-American War: Effects

  7. Trade privileges were key to US • Other countries were carving out their influence in China for trade rights • US wanted to protect its rights to trade there • Would influence US to build up its NAVY and secure refueling stations in Pacific • Open Door Notes: secured our rights to Chinese trade • Boxer Rebellion: Chinese resented foreign influence in their country and rebelled/ it was quickly put down with our help China

  8. Queen “Lili” was monarch • Had complete sovereignty from 1810-1893 • Native Hawaiians were quite primitive in terms of their defense • US needed Hawaii for refueling stations/ stepping stone to Asia/China • Queen Lili decided that she would step down in order to prevent her people from dying in a futile war (strength of character) • US would appoint Sanford Dole as first leader of Hawaii • Became our last state in 1959 Hawaii

  9. Purchased from Russia in 1867 • Secretary of State William Seward pushed for its purchase/ was called “Seward’s Folly”, many felt it was a foolish move • $7.2 million • Rich in resources of all kinds/ the last frontier • Became a state in 1959 (49thstate) Alaska

  10. Alaska is rich in oil!

  11. Theodore Roosevelt became president in 1901 • While he had been in Cuba during the war, he had needed the US navy, but it was far away in the Pacific Ocean • He realized we needed a short cut through Central America! • Panama was controlled by Columbia so he instigated a revolution in Panama for them to oust the Columbians; it worked! • When Panama gained its independence, the US took the isthmus of Panama (Panama never signed the treaty) and began digging a canal through it to link the Pacific and Atlantic • This began in 1904 and it was opened in 1914 • Would greatly decrease travel time between the two oceans and would allow us to create a TWO OCEAN NAVY!! • One of the greatest engineering feats in world history • 1,000’s die from malaria and yellow fever • Was turned back over to the Panamanians in 1999 Panama Canal

  12. US emerges in 1914 as a WORLD POWER! • We have a large, powerful 2-ocean navy • World War I will break out in Europe in 1914 and we enter in 1917 • Imperialistic expansion brings forth big issues: Were we justified in our global expansion? What impact do we have on the nations we expand over? Is it morally right? • Woodrow Wilson becomes president in 1913 and will take us through WWI Review

  13. Your home team will be preparing a product/project on imperialism. You may be creative with how you want to present this- there is not a set format! However, each of the criteria below must be met: • For each of the following countries (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Guam, Panama, China, Hawaii, Alaska) you must give the following information: • 1. one primary source to read and summarize, document on each nation we expanded over • 2. how we acquired that country (if we did) • 3. why we wanted it • 4. explain whether or not a war was fought (must give elaborate details for the Spanish-American War in Cuba!!) • 5. outcome/effect on that nation and on the US • One member of your team will make a WORLD MAP on a poster which plots every country we expanded over and labels it with an American flag (it should be colored with continents and oceans labeled as well). This map should be entitled “The Onward March of the American Flag” • For presentation on FRIDAY, each home team will present on only 1-2 of the countries due to time constraints • Major test grade Home Team Projects