London Attractions
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London Attractions – What To Expect - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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London Attractions – What To Expect

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London Attractions – What To Expect

London is filled with varied and rich history, allowing itself to provide a wide variety of

attractions which attracts a lot of tourists every year. While it can be said that there is no

actual limit as to the number of London attractions to see, your actual enemy is time.

Therefore, even though you may not be able to see all of the attractions in a singlevisit to

London, you can definitely prioritize the most popular ones.

Tower of London

The things to do in london is also known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress, a

historic castle that is situated on the northern bank of River Thames. This tower has played

a vital role in English history. Even though it was besieged several times, it still stood still.

Controlling the tower meant controlling the country. These days, the tower has already

become one of the most-visited tourist destination in the country. Among the popular

sights are the Royal Menagerie and the Crown Jewels.

Westminster Abbey

When you visit London, dropping by the Westminster Abbey is a must thing to do. This

church served as the coronation site as well as the burial ground of many of British

prominent figures. Up to this point, it is still being used as a church for religious services

and events on a regular basis on top of being one of the most popular london tourist

attractions. The artworks in the Abbey can certainly make your entire visit worthwhile.

Buckingham Palace

When you go to London, you should visit the queen. Well, you may not have the

opportunity to see her face to face, but at least you can stop by the British monarchy’s

official residence. The best time to visit is around August and September, where 19

staterooms of the palace are being made open for the public to see. The highlight of your

visit will be the walk through the palace’s 40-acre grounds and gardens, and witnessing the

Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Trafalgar Square

When you visit London, you definitely need to stop by Trafalgar Square, an open plaza,

which is a frequent site for political demonstrations and public events. It also serves as

intersection for many of the city’s main streets, and a gateway for more places to visit in

london. On the north, you can see the National Gallery while you can also see the Canada

House on the west.

There are a lot of things that you can expect to see when you visit London. Make your trip

worthwhile by avoiding the hassle of an unprepared trip. Make sure that you are ready to

devour all the attractive sights that this city has to offer to you.