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What is Digital Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

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What is Digital Marketing

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  1. What is Digital Marketing Digital marketing is the promotion of brands via multiple forms of digital media. It's very important, because it’s growing extremely fast. Perhaps, even at an exponential rate. Their are some people who think the old form of promotion will be obsolete.

  2. The new methods are extremely quick, practical, and pragmatic for today’s fast paced lifestyle. Some common forms of digital marketing include: • Blogs • Video Content • PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) • Email Marketing • Social Media • Affiliate Marketing • Email Marketing .

  3. Why is it more effective? 1. Saves you money The costs are drastically reduced for internet marketing. In Las Vegas, billboards run for about $1,500 – $8,000 a month. Source: Their aren’t many small business owners who can afford this price range.

  4. 2.  Mobile consumers are your friend The web has advanced to the point that now Google indexes your smartphone first. Websites must make an impression on mobile. Users now have high expectations and they want everything now. According to Google, “2 seconds is the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability. At Google. We aim for under a half second.” MaileOhye, from Google

  5. 3. Conversion Optimization If your business online, then your rate of is progress can be determined by inbound traffic that lead to sales.

  6. 4. Earn Trust When shopping at a brick and mortar, indicators of trust are established. But online shopping is a bit different, as customers online tend to be a bit more apprehensive. Establishing trust online for a small to medium sized business can be tough. Small businesses don’t have the budget that large companies have. Their are some ways in which companies can establish trust.

  7. Including establishing: – Consistency – Great Customer Service – Weekly Blogs – A Privacy Policy

  8. Why is it important? 1. Online Branding Again, Earn trust. The reason for starting a campaign online is to increase product awareness. As people are searching the internet, consumers may come across the business name or perhaps your logo, and become interested in what the company has to offer.

  9. 2. Increase Sales By giving consumers the opportunity  to buy online rather than going to the location or even sending an order by mail, impulsive purchasing increases. This results in greater ROI for your business.

  10. 3. Being available always Schedules and the modern lifestyle have really changed the way we go shopping. Shopping is not just done during business hours anymore. By using various internet marketing techniques, businesses can give consumers what they want at any time of day.

  11. 4. Improve Credibility Sustaining an online presence via internet marketing is a fine way to stay relevant in today’s fast paced technologically driven world. With time, patience, and effort, businesses can realize great success via internet marketing.