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What is Digital Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

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What is Digital Marketing

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  1. Digital Marketing No restrictions and bound Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana

  2. Contents What is Digital Marketing? Why Digital Marketing is important? Objectives of Digital Marketing Goals of Digital Marketing Digital Marketing techniques Why ranking is important in search engine results? Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana

  3. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing comprises of two words digital and marketing. Digital means computing or technology and Marketing means to sell or popularise brand among customers, so that they not only influence by it but also, you get profit with it. Digital Marketing= Digital + Marketing Digital Marketing means marketing of services or products through digital technology Technology or computing sell or popularise product among customers Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana

  4. Why digital marketing is important ? Now a day, Business is changing its pattern rapidly. As, everything has moved from bricks and mortar to online. It is really very important to modernise ways in order to get benefits. you can easily interact with your target audience easily and quickly in real time. In this there is no restriction of retaining to particular area for selling product. You can sell to large audience all around the globe. you can easily analyse your customer behaviour, liking or disliking. You are able to understand your customers more closely. Digital Marketing gives more profit, revenue. You are able to recognise your popularity, site traffic, brand awareness, your core-competitors easily. Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana

  5. Objective of Digital Marketing Right audience target Engaging with audience (knowing views of your audience — Real time analytics) ROI (Return of Investment) No limit or boundaries for doing business Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana

  6. Goal of Digital Marketing Main goal behind digital marketing is to popularise brand or service online in order to attain following points Higher ranking in search engine results Spread brand awareness Maximum profits More leads, profits Right audience - - - - - Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana

  7. Digital Marketing techniques SEO(search engine optmization) SMM (search engine marketing) Internet Medium Content Marketing PAY PER CLICK (PPC) Ads or display advertisements e-mail display marketing Influencer’s marketing data-driven Marketing Mobile phones SMS or MMS Non-Internet Medium call backs Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana

  8. Why ranking is important in search engine results? We all know from our search perspective that when we search from something in search engine. We think that the result shown on top-most pages is most optimum according to our query. Thus, it is really very important to rank higher in search engine. This will not only help to get more traffic, leads to your website but also, helps in creating brand awareness and recognition among audience. Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana

  9. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEO is a way of getting traffic from search results like free, natural on search engines. Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana

  10. SMM (Social media marketing) Now a day, sharing, posting,clicking images becomes latest trends. whatever, we like, see we love to share that. In such scenario, social media marketing becomes very important. It is the fastest and easiest way to get recognition among audience Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana

  11. For popularise anything online. It is really important to focus on digital marketing techniques. “More you concentrate on online presence, more ROI you get” –Virtual Trigger Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana

  12. Have any question or queries… Write to us directly - We love to help you. Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana

  13. Thank You !! Powered By :Virtual Trigger -By Vandana