improve ux and conversions by using smart design n.
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Improve UX and Conversions By Using Smart Design Patterns PowerPoint Presentation
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Improve UX and Conversions By Using Smart Design Patterns

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Improve UX and Conversions By Using Smart Design Patterns - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Designers should improve the user experience in ecommerce sites to get a better conversion rate. Here, the use of comparison tables etc becomes important.

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Improve UX and Conversions By Using Smart Design Patterns

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improve ux and conversions by using smart design

Improve UX and Conversions By Using Smart Design Patterns Improve UX and Conversions By Using Smart Design Patterns 

The increased level of competition and complexity in ecommerce sites has

made designers ponder over new design patterns to boost conversions. With

users taking less time to decide whether to consume a content or move to the

next one, the focus is more on devising ways to improve the user experience.

It’s more about placing images, tables, and call to action buttons in an

appropriate manner to help users make an informed decision about buying a

product. Simply put, its all about making bespoke design patterns that help in

improving conversions.

design patterns that can provide a better user

Design patterns that can provide a better user experience

Judicious use of comparison tables

Visible call to action buttons

Improved checkout experience

Clear mention of product cost (including shipping charges, taxes etc)

Let’s discuss the above patterns in some detail.

Comparison tables

A common practice among users is to compare products, their types, features,

and prices before deciding on buying a particular one. This can be best

addressed by using comparison tables. However, the decision to use a table

should depend on the type of product instead of using it for every product. For

example, users looking for a mobile or refrigerator would like to compare

different brands in terms of their features and prices before making an

informed decision to purchase. On the other hand, users looking for say,

apparels might find a comparison table distracting or even unnecessary.

Comparison tables can have their unique attributes to improve the user


Less is more – the use of collapsible grids: If a product has a lot of features

then users might feel tired while browsing through the list. Also, if the same is

viewed on a mobile the number of table columns might appear as cluttered.

Thus, designers should use collapsible grids to enable users to hide certain

sections of the table for a better viewing experience. And to make that

happen, it is better to take help from professional ecommerce website design

services, for they are adept and in tune with the latest design trends.

Visible headers: While browsing through a long list of products customers

may lose track of the headers (product type, features etc), and have to scroll

all the way up to know the same. This can be a tiring exercise and lead to a

bad user experience. Instead, the comparison table should have floating

headers wherein no matter how long the product list is, users would be able

to readily see the headers at all times.

Visible ‘call to action’ buttons

every ecommerce page should have a visible call

Every ecommerce page should have a visible call to action button that is

identifiable by its size, colour contrast, or shape. However, designers should

not place one of the important ‘call to action’ buttons like ‘load more’ or ‘see

more’ at frequent intervals, for otherwise, users will get tired of having to hit

them repeatedly while scrolling. So, what do you think? Do the call to action

buttons help customers gain a better UX, then hire expert ecommerce

developers to incorporate the same in your website.

Better checkout experience

This is followed by the presence of checkout options that are improved in

terms of their design and visibility. For once a product is chosen the user

should find it easy to reach the cart and payment section. This is where the

navigability of pages comes in, which should be adequately addressed during

the testing phase of the site.

All costs clearly mentioned

If an ecommerce store does not mention costs like shipping charges, taxes etc

the same can lead to trust issues. Therefore, designers should put the total

purchase cost (including the product cost, shipping charges, taxes etc) along

with the probable delivery time.


Designers have their task cut out. In view of the evolving nature of customer

buying preferences, the focus should be more on improving the user

experience to achieve a better rate of conversion. This should be done by

using a better design template and ensuring the ease of navigability -

preferably by engaging an experienced ecommerce web development


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