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web design cambridge

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Web design Peterborough | Cambridge offers professional web design and search engine optimisation to individuals and businesses in Peterborough and Cambridge surrounding areas. For more Information visit : http://www.web-designpeterborough.co.uk//nAddress : Bishops Road, Peterborough, UK, PE11QG /nTel: 01733 600 109

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web design cambridge

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web design peterborough2
Web design Peterborough

Web design Peterborough provides high quality, cost-effective Web Design throughout Peterborough and surrounding areas. We have over 15 years experience in providing quality Web Design beyond exception, in addition to our highly capable SEO service.

web design peterborough3
Web design Peterborough

With our Web Designs, your business will be able to benefit from:

  • A professional, positive and modern image
  • Access to a whole new Market
  • Have somewhere else to advertise your services from
web design peterborough4
Web design Peterborough

At Web design Peterborough we operate based on 10 principles, ensuring we provide the most outstanding service possible.

web design peterborough5
Web design Peterborough

1. Our Design

We design our Web Sites based on our client’s preference, which we determine by carrying out extensive briefs with our clients. This ensures that we replicate the appropriate image for the Web Site, making our clients completely satisfied with the end result.

web design peterborough6
Web design Peterborough

2. Our Layouts

All our Web Sites are laid out logically in an uncluttered and modern way, making our sites clear and professional. Poorly constructed Web Site layouts confuse potential customers and give the company a poor image.

web design peterborough7
Web design Peterborough

3. Our Navigation

For a Web Site to be successful, it must be simple to navigate and allow anyone browsing to easily extract the information they require. If a Web Sites navigation fails to do this, this will put off potential customers

web design peterborough8
Web design Peterborough

4. Our Coding

We code and design our Web Sites to allow for updates within the sites contents or structure quickly and easily. We also code our Web Sites to make room for advances within Google’s search system, thus increasing our Web Sites overall longevity.

web design peterborough9
Web design Peterborough

5. Our Content

Our team of professional copywriters provide professional content, using the tone and wording you feel best suits your business. We also ensure we choose the font sizing, font styles and font colours to best fit in context with the Web Site.

web design peterborough10
Web design Peterborough

6. Our Sites Usability

We design our Web Sites in adherence to specific expectations or general rules within the Internet, for example differently coloured, underlined text is generally a link. This will make the Web Site easy to use, attracting customers of various different computer skill-sets.

web design peterborough11
Web design Peterborough

7. Our Presentation

Our Web Sites are always designed with balance and overall consistency throughout there presentation. To give your business a professional image, an appropriate presentation for your Web Site is essential.

web design peterborough12
Web design Peterborough

8. Our Images

We only choose high-quality images that are completely relevant to your business and consistent with the style of the Web Site. At Web design Peterborough we have an extensive backlog of dynamic images to give your Web Site a professional perception.

web design peterborough13
Web design Peterborough

9. Our Consistency

As with magazines and books, every page on the Web Site must be stylistically consistent to one another. This will result in giving the Web Site a more organised, efficient feel.

web design peterborough14
Web design Peterborough

10. Our Pricing

Despite the exception quality of our Web Design Service, we at Web design Peterborough offer a highly effective pricing structure, so we will find the Web Design that’s both right for you, and right for your budget.

web design peterborough15
Web design Peterborough
  • SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a service designed to increase traffic to your Web Site, by obtaining a high page ranking on Google.

web design peterborough16
Web design Peterborough

At Web design Peterborough, our SEO program can get your Web Site to a high page rank for the relevant keyword searches, giving your Web Site more traffic from its key demographic, ultimately resulting in more business for your company.

web design peterborough17
Web design Peterborough

Google is the UK’s most popular search engine, with over 90 million hits per day, so securing a high page ranking on Google is clearly a great business opportunity. Getting a high page rank on Google is complex process, which requires utilizing the techniques of On-site SEO and Off-site SEO.

web design peterborough18
Web design Peterborough

On-site SEO

On-site SEO is a method of providing Google with information as to the contents of your Web Site, to index correctly. This is achieved through the use of HTML, correct keyword density and keyword proximity. This allows your Web Site to appear on the searches relevant to your company.

web design peterborough19
Web design Peterborough

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO involves giving a Web Site enough creditability to convince Google it is worthy to appear on page one. This is usually done in a relatively short space of time, although it can occur naturally after a long period of time.

web design peterborough20
Web design Peterborough

At Web design Peterborough, we use a combination of Off-site SEO with On-site SEO, to a highly effective degree. For more Information visit :