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  1. Insert Teacher Name Here WEB DESIGN This course accompanies: -DiDA -GCSE ICT -A-Level ICT By xIslandDesign

  2. Introduction In this unit you will: • Learn basic WYSIWYG web design • Learn some basic HTML programming • Learn how to use functions such as hyperlinks and flash text.

  3. WYSIWYG What is a WYSIWYG editor? A WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet Editor is a program that requires no programming knowledge to build a webpage. These programs are often simple and the effects are very basic however they are good for fast page creation.

  4. What is HTML? HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. It consists of several tags which tell the web browser what to display. HTML is a simple language which can be easily wrote in a text editor such as notepad.

  5. Your First HTML code In Notepad Type <html><head><title>My Own Home Page </title> </head><body><H1> I am Your-Name and this is my web Page!</H1> </body></html> Then Click Save as – mypage.html

  6. What you have just done. You have just created your first webpage – though simple the techniques can be applied to much more complicated designs. The page consists of these tags.

  7. THE <HTML> TAG The tag <html> tells the browser that the html code is beginning this tag goes at the start of every webpage you make and its sibling </html> goes at the end.

  8. THE <HEAD> TAG The <head> tag is used to hold information about the site. The information between <head> and </head> will store info such as keywords for search engines and the title bar message.

  9. THE <BODY> TAG This tag is where all the important content is held such as the text on your page ect. This tag is important to remember because without it the webpage will not display properly.

  10. Dreamweaver Dreamweaver is essentially a WYSIWYG editor with some key differences- it also supports coding. This makes it one of the best software packages on the market today.

  11. Basic Use Of Dreamweaver Behaviours panel Toolbar Work area Formatting box

  12. Task You will now create a webpage based on the skills you have just learned. A key point to remember is : • Layers are useful for ordering text