wear it to heart makes world class active wear n.
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Wear It To Heart Makes World-Class Active Wear PowerPoint Presentation
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Wear It To Heart Makes World-Class Active Wear

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Wear It To Heart Makes World-Class Active Wear - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Staying committed to a workout routine can be hard enough without clothes getting in the way. When a woman has a snug but flexible yoga bra and yoga leggings which let her move naturally, the motivation to exercise can come a whole lot easier. Wear It To Heart provides women with the finest in yoga leggings and yoga bras. The company selects fabrics that breathe and deliver amazing comfort.

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wear it to heart makes world class active wear

Wear It To Heart Makes World-Class Active Wear

Wear It To Heart offers premium-quality, environmentally friendly running leggings and other

athletic wear for women. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company has given customers

uncompromising style and performance since 2011.

WITH’s innovative processes and exceptional product quality have quickly made it a leader in

the active fashion space. The company takes pride in giving today’s woman a winning

combination of comfort, function and style. WITH’s dynamic prints allow yoga practitioners and

other fitness enthusiasts to express their personal styles as they exercise.

WITH’s products include:

Tops: Women can choose from a diverse selection of yoga bra, tank tops, tees and

more. WITH’s tops are available in sizes from XS to XL and come in a variety of gorgeous

colors and designs.

Bottoms: WITH offers a wide range of leggings, track pants and other bottom wear.

Available leggings are made with figure-flattering, color-resistant Salutex material,

which sculpts the wearer’s body while providing superior range of motion and aroma


reversible garments customers can also choose

Reversible Garments: Customers can also choose from WITH’s stylish, reversible

bomber jackets, tanks, tees and leggings. Wearers can switch between different colors

and prints, depending on their mood. As with all of the company’s other products,

WITH’s reversible clothing is eco-friendly and dries quickly after washing.

WITH uses innovative, eco-conscious, socially responsible practices to produce its designer

leggings and other garments. The company’s digital-dye sub printing process uses 99% less

chemicals and 85% less water and energy than traditional dyeing practices. WITH’s active wear

is made with a sweatshop-free, sustainable Fair Labor Association participating supplier.

For additional information or to order products, visit https://www.wearittoheart.com/