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True document management solutions you can use! PowerPoint Presentation
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True document management solutions you can use!

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True document management solutions you can use! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ademero Inc. offers browser based enterprise document management software with document imaging, document retrieval and document management features generally expected from more expensive applications.

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True document management solutions you can use!

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Find it with Content Central—the all-in-one, browser-baseddocument capture and retrievalsolution that’s easy to deploy,use, and maintain.

find your information fast
Find Your Information Fast

Document Retrieval in the 21st Century doesn’t

mean you’ll be leaving your desk to walk to a

file cabinet. Those days are behind you. Instead,

you’ll remain comfortably seated and perform a

quick search right from your workstation. The

result? Content Central will deliver the

document you need right to your desktop in a

matter of seconds.

avoid losing documents
Avoid Losing Documents

How many times have you found yourself

searching endlessly for a document and never

finding it? What began as a quick stroll to the file

cabinet rapidly evolved into a fishing

expedition for that misfiled or sometimes lost

record. Content Central will convert that paper

into PDF (Portable Document Format) files that

can never be misfiled or lost—ever again!

maintain better security
Maintain Better Security

Security represents two distinct concepts when

dealing with documents and information. First,

sensitive records should always remain beyond

the reach of low-level personnel and customers.

Second, your information should be protected

from unexpected disasters. These have been

difficult to achieve in a paper-based archive, but

they’re easy to obtain with Content Central.

centralize your archive
Centralize Your Archive

Few companies store paper files in one location.

Many records exist in different areas of the

office; some live off site. Turn your dream of

centralizing these documents into reality.

Because Content Central automatically names

each PDF file with the document’s information,

your efforts to create backups will be enhanced

by knowing exactly what data you’re dealing

with at any given time.

access it anywhere
Access It Anywhere

Content Central’s browser-based model allows

you to access information from any computer

on your local network. You can even connect

remotely through the internet when desired

and enabled. Security permissions on document

catalogs can be defined by an administrator for

each user with an account. Best of all, both

capture and retrieval operations occur at the

same place—all from your web browser.

learn more
Learn More!

Visit our web site at


call us at 888-276-2914

for more information.

True Document Management Solutions You Can Use!