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Enterprise-wide ID Management Solutions for Security and Workforce Management Applications PowerPoint Presentation
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Enterprise-wide ID Management Solutions for Security and Workforce Management Applications

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Enterprise-wide ID Management Solutions for Security and Workforce Management Applications
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Enterprise-wide ID Management Solutions for Security and Workforce Management Applications

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  1. Enterprise-wide ID Management Solutions for Security and Workforce Management Applications

  2. ACTAtek ID Management Technology Platform Biometric Authentication Real time communication Enterprise-wide deployment

  3. Company Profile • Focus in web- and cloud-based Biometric and RFID solutions since 2001 with patents pending • Over 500+ active worldwide channel partners including Ingram Micro, Anixter • World’s First IP65, Linux Embedded Web Server Biometric System • Fortune 500 installations worldwide: HSBC, Barclays, Toyota, IBM, Coca Cola, KFC/Pizza Hut, Dubai Airport, VandenburgAirforce Base, Grand Hyatt • R&D supported by EDB, Singapore and Warwick University, UK. • Frost Sullivan, SC Magazine and other Awards in Biometric/Security in UK, US and Around the world. Biometrics, The use of physiological or behavioral characteristics to determine or verify an individual’s identity

  4. Product Awards FROST & SULLIVAN AWARD,2010


  6. ACTAtekOffices • Granted International Headquartered Status (IHQ) by the Economic Development Board of Singapore in July 2007 • UK office co-operated with Warwick University’s Warwick Digital Lab (opened By Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Aug 2008) using state-of-art internet technology on product development --Global offices: Singapore, Hong Kong, UK ,Canada, India, Thailand, Pakistan, and USA UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown (left 2), met up withACTAtek Chairman and CEO, Thomas Wan (left 4)

  7. ACTAtek’s Ecosystem Workforce Management Physical Security ACTAtek3s Terminals Mobile ACTAtek3s IP based Smartcard Readers Secured I/O Controller Enterprise SmartTime, Timesheet Access Manager Suite Access Manager Saas Smartcards, Key fobs: Mifare, HID, Felica, Legic, Video Surveillance, ID Video Power Solutions, UPS, PoE, Locks and Accessories TM

  8. ACTAtek3 Combination Unit • 2.8‘ TFT 256k color screen with slim and compact design • Embedded software, no software installation necessary. • State of the art embedded, encrypted Linux web server technology. Control, configure & administrate via web browser • SSL encrypted communication between units & browser • Real time system update & configuration • 500 DPI optical scanner • Auto-match support up to 500 users (1:N) FAM model • Auto-match support up to 3,000 users (1:N) FLI model • Operates in Standalone or Network modes • Robust and scalable for enterprise-wide deployment • Instant notification by SMS, Email and on-screen (*require configuration and SMS service subscription) • IP 65 rated, weather & impact resistant casing (fluid ingress, dust, salt, fog protection) • Built-in Video/CMOS camera (optional) • Up to 500 photos (FIFO internal storage) • 1,000, 3,000 , 5,000 ,10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 users • Up to 75,000 event logs Five Modes of authentication • Fingerprint only • Smart Card only • Smart Card + Fingerprint • ID + Fingerprint, and • ID + PIN. • Multi-lingual interface (LCD & Web) • Weigand 26-bit output (Option: External I/O board) Video/CMOS camera Smart Card/PIN Finger Print scanner TM

  9. ACTAtek3 Internal Structure and Connections Connections Details: JP18:Used for 12V 1A power output. JP20:Used for video output. The output can be connected to any television or monitors with AV input. J3:Used for alarm purpose, when the case of the unit is open, the alarm will be triggered. When it is triggered, the two pins will be short circuit. J4:Used as door switch1. JP17:Used for debug or connecting external IO board. JP19:Used for connecting external card readers. J6:Working as a doorbell. If doorbell key on the front panel is pressed or it is enabled from the web page the two pins will be short circuit. P4:Used to connect external modem. J2:Used for door strike. NO (normal open) is open circuit normally, and will be short circuit when door is open. NC (normal close) is short circuit normally, and will be open circuit when door is open.

  10. ACTAtek 3 Keypad Shortcut Keys for Event Triggers Admin Log IN Delete Back/Home Door Bell T9 with A/B/C keys Right Scroll to select Event Triggers Left Scroll to select Event Triggers Enter Key

  11. ACTAtek Terminal GUI (Standby Mode) Video Camera Firmware Reference: 3_06.1197 Day/Month/Year (Day) 24Hour format Seconds Minutes Company Logo Event

  12. User Menu Login by pressing the Admin button Hardcoded Super Admin user “A999” with default password “1” Main Menu of ACTAtek 3 Terminal • Add User • Fingerprint – Require 3 templates to register • Smartcard – Add smart card to the user • Password – Add password to register • Return – Back to Main Menu

  13. User Management • Activate User – to be able to access the terminal • Delete User – delete user from the terminal • Deactivate User – Temporarily disable the user to access terminal • View Log – View TA events of User • Capture FP - View quality of the Fingerprint of a user • Return – back to main menu • Automatch • Automatch – Enables/Disable 1:N of every user\ • Group Automatch – Group the users 1:N enable to match faster • Return – Back to Main Menu

  14. Date/Time Settings • Adjust Date: (YYYY/MM/DD) • Adjust Time: (HH:MM:SS) 24 Hrs Format • Return: Back to Main Menu • IP Settings • DHCP : Dynamic IP Enable/Disable • Subnet Mask : e.g. (default) • IP Address : e.g. (default) • Gateway: e.g. (default) • DNS: e.g. (default) • Return: Back to Main Menu

  15. Teminal Settings • FP Quality: set from High; Normal; Low • No. of FP Sample: fixed into 3 template samples • Restrict IP: only allow specific IP range e.g. 192.168.1.xxx • Unlock Door: Trigger the door strike to open • Reboot: Restart the terminal • Return: back to main menu • Reset • Reset Event Log: Removes the logs stored on the terminal • Reset Database: Removes all the user and event data • Factory Default: Reset all to default settings • Reset Web Port: Assigned port will revert back to port “80” • Return: Back to Main Menu • Exit • Back to Stand By Mode state

  16. ACTAtek 3 Web UI • Log In to Terminal • Browser Supported: IE; Chrome; Firefox; Safari and • any other browser available. • Default User ID “A999” password “1” • Different User Login Level: Personal; User Admin; Network Admin; • Super Admin • SSL Encrytion for the information when device is available on the • internet • Terminal Status provided with the information: • -Model ID • -Serial Number • -Firmware Version • -FAM version • -Terminal Description/Name • IP address • System Uptime • Registered User/Max user • Automatch User • Current Status • Las Time Server sync time using SNTP • Total Flash Memory • Memory Free

  17. User Administration 1. Attendance Report - To view the attendance report of users in the system 2. Daily Report - To view the daily report of users in the system 3. View Event Log - To view the event log of the users in the system 4. Add Event Log - To add an event log in to the system 5. View User List - To view the list of users in the system 6. Add New User - To add a new user into the system 7. Departments - To view the list of departments or add a new department 8. User Messages - To send personalized messages to individual users during clock IN/OUT (Standalone mode) Access Control 1. Access Groups - To view or modify existing access groups or add a new group 2. Triggers - To view or modify the trigger list. 3. Holidays Setting - To setup the systems for recognizing holidays for unique settings. Terminal Settings 1. Terminal Setup - To view modify the terminal settings, e.g. IP / Gateway. 2. Authentication / Log Setup - To setup the behavior of authentication log. 3. Terminal List - To view the list of terminals connected. 4. Access Client Setup - To setup the ACTAtek to the Access Manager 5. Door Open Schedule - To view or modify the door opening schedule. 6. Bell Schedule - To view or modify the bell schedule period. 7. Connection Profile - Use for manual Agent configuration. 8. Terminal Clock - To view or modify the terminal clock settings 9. External Devices - To connect external devices to the ACTAtek3unit. Tools 1. Cloud Storage Service – Google Spreadsheet integration 2. SMS Service -To setup the SMS service 3. Alert Log -To setup which action gives out alert log 4. Syslog -To enable the remote system log 5. Backup System Data - To backup the system data. (Standalone Mode) 6. Restore System Data -To restore the system data from a previous setting (Standalone mode) 7. Firmware Upgrade - To upgrade the firmware provided by ACTAtek Ltd. 8. Download Report -To download access log report in Excel or Txt format 9. Capture Fingerprint - To capture fingerprint images(for review purpose). 10. Remote Door Open - To open the door using the web interface. 11. Reboot - To reboot the unit remotely.

  18. ACTAtek

  19. Google Cloud Support • Access Google Cloud via your Google account • Develop your apps using Google Drive API

  20. DDNS Feature Enable ACTAtek3 device's [DDNS] setting to remotely access the device's Web UI from any place at any time

  21. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a set of networking protocols, that permits networked devices, such as ACTAtek3, PCs ,and servers to seamlessly discover each other's presence on the network and establish functional network services for data sharing, and communications.

  22. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) SNMP is a standard protocol used to communicate management information between the network management stations (NMS) and the agents(ex. ACTAtek devices) in the network elements.By conforming to this protocol, equipments produced by different manufacturers can be managed by a single program.(ex. PRTG Network Monitor)SNMP protocol is widely used via Internet protocol (IP) and operates over UDP well known ports of 161. The figure shows the basic operation of SNMP to work with ACTAtek Device.

  23. AMS User MessageFeatures Administrators can receive the User Message/E-mail or SMS whenever users access the devices

  24. Car Park Application Connecting to GP90 antenna Read EM card inside the car at upto 90cm away to open barrier

  25. Meal Ticketing Application User Authentication by a combination of fingerprint, card and/or PIN Then print our meal ticket or access through turnstile

  26. ACTAtek Fingerprint Enrollment Understanding Actatek Fingerprint Modules FLI Module FAM Module • Supports 1K to 3K Automatch • 6 LED • Optical Sensor (500DPI) • Supports 1K Automatch • Compatible to ACTAtek 2 FAM from version 6.xx • 4LED • Optical Sensor (500DPI) Note: Both are have different algorithm which is not compatible to work on the same environment.

  27. Identifying Good Image vs Bad Image A good fingerprint image is one in which the core of the fingerprint is well-defined and easily recognizable. The core of a finger is defined as the “point located within the inner most recurring ridge”, it is normally located in the MIDDLE of the fingerprint. It is therefore critical when enrolling that you place the finger on the scanner where the entire core can clearly be seen. Good Image: The whole fingerprint core can be seen clearly. Bad Image: An image where the crackles & displacement of the fingerprint core makes it unrecognizable.

  28. Fingerprint positioning during enrollment Step 1: Place the center of any one finger directly above the sensor right in the center, as Shown above. Step 2: Place the center of the same finger (enrolled in Step 1), slightly aligned to the left. Step 3: Place the center of the same finger, slightly aligned to the right. After each placement, wait for the message “Template Stored” on the LCD screen to appear, and then remove your finger and press “Enter/Return” to enroll the second or third finger(s).

  29. ACTAtek 3 TCP/IP Network Interfaces Remote Management Browser PC Browser RJ-45 Browser ACTAtek3 IP: Any Mobile Internet Device(3G/WiFi) IP-based technology topology to provide extra flexibility in system designand reduce cost on installation and maintenance using existing network infrastructure. Other Vendor’s Traditional Systems Control Panel Software Card Reader Host PC

  30. Deployment Architectures -Standalone (controller&reader) or network deployment (Internet cloud ready)

  31. Key Features Award winning Biometric module – high standards of accuracy and reliability of fingerprint verification Truly IP65 – Not only is the unit weather-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof with proven robustness under drop-tests, but importantly the Biometric Module is also IP65 rated Highly Reliable biometric authentication performance under rainy conditions and sweaty fingers Support for multiple verification methods within a single unit. Actatek’s combination units offer Fingerprint, Smartcard, PIN with multi-level verification. CMOS Camera photos comparison feature permits objective comparison of personnel’s image at the time of access event with the image registered in the database CMOS Camera analog video output to DVR makeACTAtek device a all-in-one Video Surveillance solution.

  32. Benefits Eliminate ‘Buddy-Punching’: Use Biometric Verification for access as well as time & attendance Identify ‘Phantom-Workers’: Use CMOS Camera photos taken or videos recorded at DVR to compare for isolating access events by suspicious unregistered personnel Minimize ‘Effort & Costs’: Deploy Access-Control over existing IP networks, Simplify and Automate access reporting, time/attendance reports and integration into payroll systems Enhance ‘Accessibility and Utilization’: Obtain decision making information over Ethernet/Wireless, Internet/3G, anytime/anywhere on Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet-pc using a true real-time, multi-door, multi-location at one system

  33. ACTAtek Video Camera Video Camera support including snapshot taken & streaming video output is available for monitoring/security purpose e.g. connected to DVR/NVR.

  34. ACTAtek3 Accessories • Door lock connection: There are 2 types of Door lock: Fail-Safe Lock & Fail-Secure Lock • Fail Safe = power off, it's unlocked • Fail Secure = power off, it's locked • Electric locking devices include: • Electric strikes • Electromagnetic locks • Electromechanical locks

  35. Wifi Router WIFI Bridge receiver RJ45 A wireless bridge may be the best alternative if the gadget in question is in an area of your house that's already covered by a Wi-Fi network. Awireless bridge adapter, like the Asus WL330GE, simply "catches" the Wi-Fi signal and converts it to Ethernet, letting connect those Ethernet-only devices without a long cable run. 

  36. Door Lock Connection ACTAtek3 support electric door lock that rating within 30V/5A Independent power supply have to be provided for the electric door lock Diode have to be installed to prevent back EMF

  37. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

  38. ACTAtek 3 Hardware Reset 3 . Wait for console display “Factory Default State” Immediately press and hold Tamper switch 4. Goto Reset Menu and select one of the reset option 1. Plug the shorted connector into to DOOR SW on back of the device. 2. Plug the power cord into the Power port on the back of actatek 3 device. Reset Factory Default State DOOR SW Reset Reset Event Log Reset Database Factory Default Reset Web Port

  39. ACTAtekIP Based Smart Card Reader

  40. ACTAtek IP based Smart Card Reader -Cost effective solution • The IP Based Smartcard Reader is an attractive, small, cost effective unit that can be used as a means of extending the ID management platform from a full biometric or smartcard access control system to additional card authentication door access control or time and attendance system. • Easy installation with IP65 compliant • Fully integrated into the ACTAtek web-based applications • Seamless and transparent data gathering in real-time • Access Manager support • ACTAtek offers MiFare, HID iClass and HID Proximity smartcards TCP/IP ready Embedded Software (Access webpage via browsers) -Default IP:

  41. ACTAtek Applications and its Solutions

  42. ACTAtek Agent • The ACTAtek Platform is easily configured to become a client/server setup allowing remote, automated data gathering and pushing the data back to the backend database. ACTAtek Agent can support different type of database such as MS Access ,MS SQL, Orcale, MySQL, CSV and TXT. This key feature would help the 3rd party application to cut down the development file and to be easily integrated with the ACTAtek ID Management platform such as TA/PayRoll and HR management applications. • Key features: • Real-time collect Event Logs • Support different database for 3rd party software integration • MS SQL / MS Access • Oracle 9i or above • MySQL or CSV/TXT

  43. ACTAtek Sync • Client/PC based • User Synchronization from Different Terminal • Preconfigured Synchronization timing ACTAtek TA • Basic TA, Shifting and OT calculation • Merge both Database from different terminals • Data Import for large number of users

  44. Access Manager Suite • Access Manager Varieties • Access Manager Lite – Free, support up to 12 terminals • Access Manager Suite – License Fee Applicable, single network • Access Manager Software as a Service (SaaS) – License Fee Applicable, multiple networks • Web based application for • Access Control • Time and Attendance • User Management • Terminals Management • Report Generation • SOAP APIs • Third party application integration TM

  45. ACTAtek Access Manager --The cloud is Open. The robust and scalable solution for mass deployment • The Access Manager is an access server and an access client. • The Access Manager gives complete web based management to one or all of your ACTAtek units. You can gather information from any location, at any time, just by logging onto the browser via the web. • Adding/Editing users becomes an easy process along with managing access groups/ Departments, open door times/ door & bell schedules, and creating reports. • Built-in Time and Attendance Reporting Modules: In/Out, Auto In/Out, Detail, Shift, Leave Reports. • Support SSL-encrypted data communication between Terminals and Access Manager • Support third party application integration via Access Manager API. TM