tips on searching a job in kuwait n.
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Tips on searching a job in kuwait PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips on searching a job in kuwait

Tips on searching a job in kuwait

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Tips on searching a job in kuwait

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  1. Tips on searching a job in Kuwait Wazeefa1

  2. Solid strategy is important • It is commonly said that ‘job search is a full time job’. You should have a strategy for your job search. Plan what jobs you are searching for, how you are going to find the right employer and how will you prepare yourself for the job. Once your strategy for job search is fixed, then go on executing it.

  3. Your CV counts • Make your CV attractive and info rich. Furnish it with most relevant and up to date information only. Arrange info in chronological order for the interviewer to easily get an idea of your education and work history. Short and crisp is better. A 2 page CV is ideal. Avoid graphics and unnecessary detailing. Include details of previous employers, nationality, marital status etc…

  4. Make direct contact • Most job seekers make the mistake of not making direct contact with a recruitment authority of their targeted company. Just sending a CV is not enough for getting noticed. Thousands of CVs flood the mailbox of companies. An extra effort to stand out from the crowd is required to receive an interview call from the recruiter. Try to contact the concerned person in the company and describe your credentials and in a way make them feel you are best fit for the opening.

  5. Be present at the location • Your physical presence at the job location is important as to make the recruiter to feel your availability for the interview. Most employers hesitate to contact people who live in far away regions or in a different country.

  6. Be active online • Today major chunk of recruitments happen online; thus keeping your online profile active is important. The CV and other information published online should be authentic, accurate and up-to-date. Many companies even crosscheck your social media activities. If you are too aggressive in the social medias, then chances of being rejected is high.

  7. Thank You • Have a look on wazeefa1 job portal to find latest jobs in Kuwait and other Middle East countries... Apply jobs in Kuwait