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Searching for a Job

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Searching for a Job - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Searching for a Job . Tips for Success. Know what you want (or at least a basic idea) Know geographically where you are looking – be aware of any geographic trends that impact your options

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Searching for a Job

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searching for a job

Searching for a Job

Tips for Success

prior to starting your search

Know what you want (or at least a basic idea)

  • Know geographically where you are looking – be aware of any geographic trends that impact your options
  • Prepare a top notch resume and cover letter, know key words used to help you stand out in a company ATS (applicant tracking system) Modify your resume/letter as needed
  • Know how your industry fills positions
  • Develop a brief networking/elevator speech
Prior to starting your search
methods of searching we will discuss

Networking/Social Media

  • Advertisements – online resources
  • Direct employer contact
  • Agencies
Methods of Searching We Will Discuss
personal networking

Prepare your networking list (anyone you know), context of relationship determines conversation

  • Elevator/Networking pitch

3 components

Who you are

What you can do

What are your career interests

Personal Networking
types of networking face to face

Professional associations/Alumni events/Conferences

  • If meeting in person – make your pitch sound natural and tailor it for the event, bring business cards but only give out if asked
  • Your focus is on your contact, be a good listener
  • Ask questions appropriate to situation/relationship
  • Ask if you can contact them at a later date – makes notes about meeting and follow up
  • You invite, you pay
Types of Networking- Face to Face
advertisements online resources

Know what tools are best for your industry

  • Use a variety of resources
  • Large national sites are not always better – look for quality and types of postings
  • Apply to positions appropriate for your level of experience
  • Create job search agents and stay organized
  • Use care when listing private info
  • If it sounds too good to be true – it is
Advertisements/online resources
direct employer contact

Research employers and apply directly on their sites

  • Job Fairs
  • What skills/responsibilities are required?
  • Follow application directions carefully – do they want a Word document? PDF? Letter? Length of resume?
  • If you have a personal contact, update them but follow company procedures
  • Can you follow up?
Direct Employer Contact
recruiters agencies

For some employers, they contract out Human Resource functions

  • Ask questions, what is the relationship of the employer/agency
  • If you decide to contact a recruiter – let the buyer beware – some are great but don’t sign exclusive agreements or pay any money
  • Look for temp to perm or agencies specializing in FT positions in your career field