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How to Negotiate Your Salary? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Negotiate Your Salary?

How to Negotiate Your Salary?

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How to Negotiate Your Salary?

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  1. How to Negotiate Your Salary? Wazeefa1- The leading job portal in Middle East

  2. It is a common fact many people work at lower salaries, not because their profession or employer is capable of only a lesser payment, but the employees are not skilled enough to negotiate the salary at the time of hiring. When you attend the interview if you understood that you have impressed the interviewer, the next step should be nailing down on your salary. Let us see some tips that may help you to get a better salary next time, when you attend an interview.

  3. Research • Making a research on the current job market, the potential of your profession and monitory standards of your employer, to decide what salary you want to get. Discover both the compensation scale on offer furthermore the current salary rate in the market. It should be your worth over other candidates that you sell at the interview; thus be sure about your unique skills and capabilities.

  4. Start high • It is common for employers to start from the bottom when it comes to salary talk. Being a good negotiator, you should start from the top.  Consider what your time is worth and begin with a sensible, however high number. Know your bottom line You should know what you are capable of. Agreeing for a cheap offer is not a wise decision. There could be a better offer tomorrow, one week from now or one year from now.

  5. Put your cards on the table • A surprise policy is not advisable when it comes to the salary negotiation.  Be frank to express your expectation. It could save the time of both the interviewer and you. Work with the other party Expressing your salary expectations doesn’t mean that you should be adamant on the rate; after all it is a negotiation. The ‘this is what I’m worth and I’m not going to move’ approach won’t go anywhere. Negotiation is about bargains and finding a center ground.

  6. Bridge the gaps • Maybe you can’t get the compensation you need, yet the company might have the capacity to offer additional advantages. For example, if your new boss can give you time out every week to attend a course as well as pay for the same, then you can count it as a negotiation.

  7. Be willing to make concessions • Negotiations are two-way. Not just the employer, but employees also should be ready to compromise on certain aspects. This will help the salary negotiation process. The heavy hammer approach Cracking a nut with a heavy hammer doesn’t work. Unseasoned moderators have a tendency to go straight for the point since it makes them feel superior. Keep in mind nobody prefers a domineering jerk and forceful negotiation frequently end in deadlock. Effective negotiation is a win-win situation.

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