challenges for an exporting refinery n.
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Challenges for an Exporting Refinery PowerPoint Presentation
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Challenges for an Exporting Refinery

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Challenges for an Exporting Refinery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Challenges for an Exporting Refinery. Reliance Industries Limited. P Raghavendran President (Refinery Business) New Delhi 3 rd October 2008. India:from a Net Importer to Exporter. Figs in KTPA.

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challenges for an exporting refinery

Challenges for an Exporting Refinery


Industries Limited

P RaghavendranPresident (Refinery Business)New Delhi 3rd October 2008


India:from a Net Importer to Exporter

Figs in KTPA

With the commissioning of Reliance’s first Refinery in 1999, India turned from a major importer to a significant exporter of HSD, MS & ATF

gulf of kutch emergence as a refinery hub
Gulf of Kutch:Emergence as a Refinery Hub

Figs for MS. HSD, Kero/ATF in MMTPA

Gulf of Kutch emerges as the largest source of HSD, MS & ATF for inter regional global trade with the commissioning of Reliance’s Second Refinery

global traded volumes
Global Traded Volumes

Figs in MMTPA

The two refineries at Jamnagar become the single largest source of MS, HSD and ATF for global markets

shrinking of the globe
Shrinking of the Globe


Gas oil

Hydroskimming Vs Cracking ~ 35 USD/MT

Hydroskimming Vs Coking ~ 75 USD/MT


Inter regional movement from a coking or cracking refinery, moved in a larger vessel will be able to compete with local HSK refineries

travails of an exporting refinery
Travails of an Exporting Refinery

Reliance believes it can compete with the Best in the World despite the above handicaps.

disadvantage vis vis psus in the indian home market
Disadvantage vis-à-vis PSUs in the Indian home market
  • NIL access to Domestic Market (TPP vs. Export Realisation and double taxation on MS and HSD)
  • No Upstream assistance or Oil Bonds to meet cash losses on domestic sales
  • Denial of access to cross country pipeline or Airport Hydrants even against payment of charges

Due to huge losses, Reliance forced to withdraw completely from the domestic market for MS & HSD

assistance sought from goi
Assistance sought from GoI
  • Removal of Residual Export Restrictions
  • Facilitate exchange of streams amongst Refineries for value addition with taxes only for removal into Domestic tariff area
  • Eliminate double taxation for Domestic removals

GoI Support crucial for developing India as a successful Export Hub.


Global Gasoline Trade flows

Euro IV + Euro V


Source: ESAI report for RIL April 2007


RIL gasoline targeted at North America will compete with European gasoline. RIL gasoline targeted at Middle East will compete with the Med gasoline. RIL gasoline targeted at Oceania will compete with Singapore and the Far East gasoline surpluses.


Global Gasoil Trade flows


Source: ESAI report for RIL April 2007


Jamnagar would be competing with the surpluses from Middle East and the FSU for the deficits of 10 ppm diesel in the Med and the ARA. There are serious doubts with regard to the timing of the required additional hydrotreating facilities in these regions in order to meet the EU specification requirements providing an opportunity for Jamnagar to meet these deficits for a fair period of time.


Global ATF Trade flows


Source: ESAI report for RIL April 2007


ATF from Jamnagar will compete with sources in the Middle East for deficits in Europe and the US while Africa and rest of Asia are roughly in balance.