the elevator l.
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The Elevator

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The Elevator. by William Sleator. How do you feel about riding in elevators? Why do some people dislike it? How do people usually stand when they get in an elevator?. What do we learn about Martin?.

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the elevator

The Elevator

by William Sleator

How do you feel about riding in elevators?

Why do some people dislike it?

How do people usually stand when they get in an elevator?

what do we learn about martin
What do we learn about Martin?
  • It was an old building with an old elevator – a very small elevator, which could carry only three people. Martin, a thin twelve-year-old, felt nervous in it from the first day he and his father moved into the apartment.
how does the writer convey the atmosphere of the elevator


How does the writer convey the atmosphere of the elevator?
  • Perhaps this was because of the poor lighting and the dirty walls. Perhaps it was because of the door, which never stayed open long enough, and slammed shut with a loud clanging noise. Perhaps it was the way the elevator shuddered each time it left a floor, as if it was exhausted. Maybe it was simply too small. It seemed crowded even with only two people in it.
paragraphs 2 4
Paragraphs 2-4
  • What do we learn about Martin from these paragraphs?
    • his father likes boys who are strong, brave and good at sports, so Martin is a disappointment
    • he gets scared easily
    • he gets bullied at school
    • he is shy and doesn’t like being in a crowd with other people
paragraphs 5 13
Paragraphs 5-13
  • Where did the fat lady get on the lift?
    • a different floor each time: 14, 3
  • Why is the fat lady so scary to Martin?
    • she takes up all the space – can’t get out without touching her
    • she stares at him but doesn’t speak
    • he doesn’t know who she is or where she comes from
    • she is always in the lift alone with Martin
paragraphs 14 15
Paragraphs 14-15
  • What does Martin’s father say that shows us how he feels about his son?
    • “When are you going to grow up and act like a man? Are you going to be timid all your life?”
  • How do you feel about Martin’s father?
  • The fat lady smiled when she saw Martin. What kind of smile do you think that was?
paragraphs 16 20
Paragraphs 16-20
  • How does Martin feel at the end of paragraph 15? Why?
    • he feels safe because his father is with him in the lift
  • What changes in the next paragraph?
    • his father gets out to go and visit someone
  • Why is Martin even weaker this time?
    • he has a broken leg
questions for discussion
Questions for discussion
  • Who or what do you think the fat lady could be?
  • What do you think will happen to Martin?
  • How do you feel about the behaviour of Martin’s father?
  • What do you think happened to Martin and his father in the past?