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  1. Lake Operations Presentation May 9th, 2002 Sven Hallermann Non-Confidential Material

  2. Lake Operations Agenda • Lake Use - Safety, Safety, Safety, and Operations • Women’s Health and Driving Clinic • Men’s Driving Clinic • Potential Property Improvements • Watering your lot from the Lake • Work Party • Thank you! Non-Confidential Material

  3. Lake Use - Safety: • Active Skier always has right of way: • Do not idle down a lake until you have been motioned by the active skier • Especially when that skier is a child - wakes are larger to children than they are to adults. • Always get visual and verbal contact with the active driver/skier before proceeding through an active lake • Be aware of your waiting area relative to the current skier’s stopping area. Are you in their way? • Any perpendicular motion across a lake generates rollers down the entire length of the lake • Boat driving classes are a great place to learn and experience the safest and best way to use the lakes! Non-Confidential Material

  4. Lake Use - Operations: • New waiting docks on lakes 2, 3, & 4 - Please use them while waiting for next rotation • Signal to active skier when someone is waiting… • Please replace buoys as you damage them • All supplies necessary are in the locker on lake 1, (3538) • Current erosion issues: • Must idle between lakes to stop channel erosion • If your boat generates a wake that goes over the stones on the island, please do not circle the island. • We identified the problem and have plans to fix it... • Do not alter the shoreline on your property without first getting the written consent from the board and the ACC. • We encourage improvements, but want to make sure they are in line with the design of the property Non-Confidential Material

  5. Woman’s Driving Clinic: • When - May 18th 10:00 AM • Where - Hallermann’s House • Who - All Female POA members and their guests • Content: • Women’s Wellness Clinic - Sheryl Mayer R.N. • Class room boat/lake operations with Kim Butterfield, (rated tournament driver, competitive skier, wife, and mother) • On the water driving clinic with Kim and skier behind boat • What to Bring: • Your boat or someone else’s • Your Ski - You will be the skiers... Non-Confidential Material

  6. Men’s Driving Clinic: • When - June 8th 10:00 AM • Where - Hallermann’s House • Who - All Male POA members and their guests • Content: • Class room boat/lake operations with AWSA Drivers • On the water driving clinic with AWSA Driver and skier behind boat. • What to Bring: • Your boat or someone else’s • Your Ski - You will be the skiers… • RSVP to Hallermann’s - Must have 4 people Non-Confidential Material

  7. Property Improvements: • Focus: • 1st Reduce erosion on property and reduce silt into the lakes • 2nd Improve aesthetic appearance of the property • Who: • Lake Operations Committee • How: • Suggestions from POA Members • Survey of the property - Operations Committee • What to expect: • Recommended solutions to fix erosion problems and enhance the appearance of the property • Cost of those recommendation - Work Party Activity... Non-Confidential Material

  8. Property Improvements: B C F A L D1 i K H M D E G Non-Confidential Material J

  9. Areas of Focus: A: Fix Boat Ramp B: Fix Erosion around the top of the Island D, D1, M, & E: Erosion from off water lots and silt flow into the lakes Place stones around the culvert openings C: Cultivate grass into the berm - Fix sprinkler system F: Complete the sod throughout the boat ramp park G: Cultivate grass on East and Southwest berms of lake 4 H: Cultivate grass on East side of property K: Fix valve - Done, (Devin Miller - Thank you). L: Smooth Shoreline in lake 1 part Non-Confidential Material

  10. Watering from the Lakes: • The Board has approved using lake water to irrigate your lots • Notification of the board is required • Watering rights will change throughout the year as the lake level fluctuates - Focus is to establish vegetation • Requirements: • No flooding of property • Sprinkler system must be in working condition or erosion will occur • No un-monitored sprinkling unless on a timer • Remain considerate of neighbors • Water at night - least evaporation (The best time is before sun up.) • Maintain the vegetation once it is established Non-Confidential Material

  11. Work Party: • June 1st or June 8th - Feedback welcome on the date • Activities: ·Fix Boat Ramp ·Kill Fungus on Berm ·Paint/Clean Buoys ·Build Lake 4 Waiting Dock ·Stain Docks ·Boat Bumpers on Waiting Docks ·Fix Island ·Seed Swales ·Fix Drainage in Flower Beds at both Entrances ·Weed-eat around the Bushes on the Berm ·Pick up trash in common areas · Clean grass around silt trap • I need volunteers to “Chair” above activities? • Additional Activities: • Rent a trash container for POA Members to clean their lots Non-Confidential Material

  12. Thank you and Request for Help: • Special Thanks to those that helped in the past: • All the board members • Mike Thompson - Track-hoe operator • Devin Miller - Marking the property and fixing the drain valve • Doug and Mary Taft - Free use of his equipment on multiple occasions, (trucks, bob-cats, and box blade). • Jerry and Cindy Reed - Use of their trash bin, lumber, and their employees’ labor • All work party volunteers • Request for help in the future: • The work load is greater than the current volunteers can support. • Are people willing to volunteer more if they knew about Lake Operations’ activities? Non-Confidential Material