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Honor 2-1

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Honor 2-1

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  1. Honor 2-1 Honor in Everyday Life

  2. Your Honor Committee Chairman Presides over Court and Committee Vice-Chairman for Investigation Supervises the Investigation process C/Lieutenant Colonel Tyler Paul Smith -Golf Co. - C/Major Andrew Phillips -F-Troop.- Vice-Chairman for Education Orients the Corps on the Honor System Secretary Accounts for the records of Honor Courts C/Major Gary Cagle -F-Troop.- C/Major Kenyon Cowart -Band Co.-

  3. Battalion Reps C/Major McCarley 3rd Battalion C/Major Forrester 1st Battalion C/Major Jenkenson 2nd Battalion C/Major McCloskey 5th Battalion C/Major Carruth 4th Battalion

  4. Honor Statistics 09-12

  5. Once the activity that you are on Special Orders/Leave has completed, you must return to campus immediately You are not allowed to take General leave in conjunction with Special Orders/Leave if you have prior obligations or punishments. Special Orders

  6. Overnight/Weekend Sheets • “My signature below certifies that I have the required leave available and I must be Academic, Conduct, Physically Proficient as of the date and time I sign out on leave.” • Ensure that you are proficient before you sign out on leave. Ignorance is never an excuse! • Always check to see if you have punishments on Lesesne Gateway

  7. All-Ins • Remember when you sign your name as a Division Inspector you are certifying that no Cadets are AWOL unless you placed their name in the AWOL Block • Cadets on the way back may be put in Transit. • “The above signatures mean EVERY ROOM in the company was checked at the final All-In.”

  8. Members of the Guard • Any statement made to any member of the guard team is considered an official statement. • If asked a question by the guard team, you are required to answer truthfully and directly. • Write a statement and contact your Company Honor Representative if you feel that you may have been asked an improper question.

  9. Tom did his knob year with the class of 2014, however, due to academic issues he is listed as a 3B student. At the beginning of spring semester Tom puts a ‘2’ on his collar like his classmates and cuts the parade deck. Honor Violation? Lying? Gaining an unfair advantage? Personal Benefit? Official statement / act? Discussion Topic

  10. Discussion Topic • Is the wearing of the blazer uniform when you are ineligible an Honor Violation? • Is it lying? • Simple discipline issue? • Assuming an unfair advantage? • Spirit of the Code?

  11. Discussion Topic • Is downloading music, peer-to-peer, an honor violation? Should it be? • Where is the Spirit of the Code?

  12. Rob, a junior, is good friends with Ben, a knob – they are from the same hometown. On Saturday morning The Citadel football team wins and knobs are granted leave until 0100, upperclassmen get an overnight. Ben comes back for 0100 All-Ins and meets Rob in his room. Hearing about a party downtown Rob gives Ben an extra pair of junior shoulder boards and the two of them leave to take the overnight and go downtown. Honor Violation(s)? Discussion Topic

  13. Discussion Topic • What if a cadet comes into the barracks, shortly before all-ins are completed, to “check in” with their weekend duty teams. They notify the all-in takers that they are present for all-ins and then leave again for the night (often with their cars still running outside or a ride waiting for them). This demonstrates that they have no intention to spend the night in the barracks and that they are reporting to their weekend duty teams merely to avoid the consequences of a night out.

  14. Your thoughts • Would you consider this type of situation to be an act of deception to try to convince the all-in takers that the cadets in question are in the barracks for the night? • Is this purely a disciplinary issue? • Would you consider this to be living by the “Spirit of the Code” • How do you think these actions might affect underclassmen’s impression of honor at The Citadel?

  15. 2012 Training 1st Semester Training Reasons Allows class of 2014 more preparation time. Allows class of 2014 to grasp honor procedures. • 2014 Honor Rep training will start on October 22, 2012. • If interested sign-up through your company Honor Rep when told to do so • For those interested another meeting will be held before training starts.

  16. Questions • Questions?.