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SHRM’s Government Affairs Program & The Role SHRM State Legislative Directors Can Play PowerPoint Presentation
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SHRM’s Government Affairs Program & The Role SHRM State Legislative Directors Can Play

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SHRM’s Government Affairs Program & The Role SHRM State Legislative Directors Can Play - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SHRM’s Government Affairs Program & The Role SHRM State Legislative Directors Can Play. State Legislative Directors Meeting March 10, 2013 The Thornton Room Hyatt Regency Hotel – Capitol Hill. 2013 State Legislative Director Meeting. Agenda . 12:30             Luncheon & Introductions

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SHRM’s Government Affairs Program & The Role SHRM State Legislative Directors Can Play

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Presentation Transcript
SHRM’s Government Affairs Program


The Role SHRM State Legislative Directors Can Play

State Legislative Directors Meeting

March 10, 2013

The Thornton Room

Hyatt Regency Hotel – Capitol Hill

2013 state legislative director meeting
2013 State Legislative Director Meeting


12:30             Luncheon & Introductions

1:00               Overview of SHRM’s Government Affairs Program1:40               Overview of SHRM’s Advocacy Team (A-Team) Program2:00  Break2:15               The Legislative Director ‘Walkabout’ 3:30               Open Discussion (Q & A)3:50               Adjourn

Note: For first-time participants for Wednesday’s Capitol Hill Day, the 2nd Boot Camp Session to prepare participants for what to expect during their meetings will commence at 4:00 PM in the Congressional A Ballroom in the lower level of the hotel.

6:45 Meet in the lobby of the hotel to walk to dinner (dinner attire is business casual)7:00 Dinner at Sixth Engine Restaurant9:15 Return to the hotel


Who is SHRM Government Affairs?

Vice President, Government Affairs

Senior Associate, Member Advocacy

Senior Associate, Government Relations

Senior Associate, Government Relations

Senior Associate, Member Advocacy

Senior Government Affairs Policy Counsel

Senior State Affairs Advisor

Senior Government Affairs Advisor

Specialist Workplace Flexibility Specialist

State Affairs Intern


why is shrm involved in public policy
Why is SHRM involved in public policy ?

Largest line item in an organization’s budget – its people costs

HR’s role is to align its people strategies to meet an organization’s “business” objectives or mission

Federal, state and global public policy (laws, regulations and court decisions) have a major financial and practical impact on people management strategies costing organizations roughly $75 billion per year

SHRM is the “voice” that can influence the HR policy-making process

what does shrm do in public policy

Protecting the Brand

  • Advancing the Brand
What does SHRM do in Public Policy?

SHRM is an active and vocal advocate for the HR agenda, influencing HR policy decisions at the federal, state and local levels

SHRM Government Affairs role is to both “advance” and “protect” the brand (SHRM) and the HR profession in the public policy arena

what do we mean protect and advance the brand
What do we mean “Protect and Advance” the Brand?

The “Brand” refers to both SHRM and the HR Profession

SHRM engages in a variety of activities and mediums in protecting and advancing the brand:

Public policy in the form of legislative, regulatory or judicial efforts that affect the management of human capital at the federal and state (soon to be global) levels

Proposals or research from public policy stakeholder groups that impact the management of people (standards)

News stories or issues

New approaches, solutions or “thought leadership” on HR policy issues

how does shrm shape public policy
How Does SHRM Shape Public Policy?

Issue Awareness

Education efforts, Presentations & Media Interaction

Member Advocacy

Federal & State Levels

Direct Advocacy

Legislative, Regulatory and Judicial Branches


Federal & State Levels

Effective HR Public Policy

protecting and advancing the brand

Civil Rights:

  • - Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
  • - Employment Non- Discrimination Act
Protecting and Advancing the Brand
  • Labor:
  • - Employee Free Choice Act
  • - National Labor Relations Act
  • Tax and Benefits:
  • - Employer Provided Education Assistance- Section 127

Federal Legislative Issues

  • Health Care:
  • - Patient Protection Affordable Care Act
  • Workplace Flexibility:
  • - Healthy Families Act
  • - FMLA
  • Immigration:
  • - Employment Verification
  • Employment:
  • - Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act


protecting and advancing the brand1
Protecting and Advancing the Brand

Total SHRM Staff Congressional Meetings by Year

Direct Advocacy by Government Affairs Staff

193 239 159 232 192

protecting and advancing the brand2
Protecting and Advancing the Brand

The Evolution of SHRM’s Member Advocacy Efforts

  • SHRM Government Affairs Team (GAT)
  • Mass Letter-writing
  • Capitol Hill Advocacy Day During Legislative Conference
  • Limited Days Inside the District
  • Sporadic Days Inside the
  • Beltway
  • District-by-District Presence
  • Recurring, Tracked District Meetings
  • Tracked District Interactions
  • (Phone Calls, Town Halls, etc.)
  • Briefings / Information Sharing
  • Enhanced Communication Flow
  • to Chapter / Council / Legislative
  • Directors
shrm member advocacy visits
SHRM Member Advocacy Visits

Non-Conference Related

**A-Team engaged

shrm partnerships1

Non-Profit Organizations

Federal Organizations

SHRM Partners

State Organizations

SHRM Partnerships


protecting and advancing the brand3
Protecting and Advancing the Brand

Employment and Legislative Law Conference

government affairs presentation data
Government Affairs Presentation Data

2008 - 2012 Data (coordinated through the SHRM Speakers’ Bureau)

**- Calculated with Available Data

2012 Data Only Partially Available at this Time

thought leadership
Thought Leadership

In the Public Policy Arena

“As part of Joining Forces, businesses and organizations, including some of the best know names and brands (including SHRM), announced major new commitments to support military families in the areas of employment, education and public awareness.”

“Thank you for the leadership you’ve shown on workplace flexibility, particularly your recent partnership with the Families and Work Institute.” Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor and Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls

thought leadership1
Thought Leadership


Workplace Flexibility

Partnership with FWI and Sloan

Educate and encourage the voluntary adoption of flexible work programs

Influence workplace flexibility public policy efforts

Veterans Employment

Partnerships with the federal government and non-profits

Successful transition of veterans into the workplace is a key priority for SHRM

Educate members on how to recruit and retain veterans to the workforce to address critical skill shortages

thought leadership2
Thought Leadership


Workplace Flexibility

SHRM testified at each opportunity on workplace flexibility during the 112th Congress and consulted by White House on work flexibility

Over 75 workplace flex programs offered in 2012 to SHRM state councils and chapters in all 15 Sloan target states

New toolkit for California as well as Essential Guide to Effective and Flexible Workplaces among new educational materials in 2012

Increased visibility has positioned SHRM as the “go to” group for the media and other stakeholders

Veterans Employment

New toolkit, Support from Behind the Lines: 10 Steps to Becoming a Military-Ready Employer, distributed to SHRM chapters and state councils

Workshops held at 2010, 2011 and 2012 annual conferences on hiring and supporting veterans

100% of SHRM state councils and chapters have signed ESGR Statement of Support

thought leadership3
Thought Leadership


Section 127

SHRM Co-chaired of the Coalition to Preserve Employer-Provided Educational Assistance

The tax provision allows an employee to exclude from taxes up to $5,250 per year in assistance provided by their employer for courses at the associate, undergraduate and graduate level.

It was set to expire on December 31, 2012

Permanently extended with the enactment of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

thought leadership4
Thought Leadership

Target Plus Moments/Outcomes

Section 127

  • SHRM was instrumental in the introduction of legislation to extend and make permanent Section 127
  • SHRM was seen as a though leader on this issue and was featured in articles in The Boston Globe, CNN Money, USA Today and US News and World Report
focus in 2013 and beyon d
Focus in 2013 And Beyond

Public Policy

Tax Reform and Employer-Sponsored Benefits

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Workplace Flexibility

Labor-Management Regulations (EEOC, DOL, NLRB)

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

A-Team Rollout and Fulfillment


California Initiative

CALSHRM State Legislative Conference

Advocacy Presence

Workplace Flexibility


state specific legislative advocacy




State-Specific Legislative Advocacy
















































State Advocacy 2008-2012

Consulted with National SHRM

1 Year-

2 Years- 4 Years-

3 Years- 5 Years-

Since 2008, SHRM has advocated on 83 bills throughout 28 states through our volunteer network – YOU!

state specific legislative advocacy1
State-Specific Legislative Advocacy

See Your Handout 

2013 and beyon d
2013 And Beyond

See Your Handout 

closing the loop
Closing the Loop

Final Misc. Issues to Discuss

State Legislative Director Position Description (see handout)

Update on the Legislative Director Survey Results (see handout)

Subjects for Discussion During the Legislative Director ‘Walk-About’ between 2:15 and 3:30 (15 minute segments)

SHRM A-Team Issues (David Lusk & Chatrane Birbal)

Communication Vehicles for Updating Chapter LDs/SC Members in Your State

Dealing with the Media (Kate Kennedy)

Coordinating Advocacy Efforts (e.g. Letter-Writing and Presenting Testimony) with SHRM(Bob Carragher & Sherry Johnson)

Tips for Improving/Planning a State Legislative Conference

Any Suggestions for Substitutes?

Is There Anyone NOT Going to Dinner Tonight with the Group?

shrm advocacy team background status
SHRM Advocacy Team Background & Status

Government Affairs Team (GAT) Background

  • No federal Political Action Committee
  • Two-pronged challenge
    • Maintain relevance with no PAC
    • Manage “assets for testimony”
  • Democrats & Republicans both request SHRM testimony on federal / state level
  • Only ONE members of Congress possess HR background
  • Over 90 new lawmakers in the 113th Congress with limitedknowledge of the Human Resource profession
shrm a team background status
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

Government Affairs Team (GAT) Background

  • Members engaged in GA activities demonstrate among highest satisfaction ratings across SHRM departments
  • Satisfied members renew -> renewing members engage more (volunteer, attend conferences, etc.) -> SHRM & State Councils grow
  • Renewal rate for those attending SHRM’s Employment Law & Legislative Conference – 97%!
shrm a team background status1
SHRM A-Team Background & Status
  • A-Team Purpose
  • Developed to ensure when policy decision-makers (legislators, regulators, etc.) develop workplace policy, HR’s voice is heard via a “local network”
  • Since MoC’s are most responsive to their constituents, informs legislators of policy impacts upon employers in her / his district
  • SHRM members best understand / are best suited to communicate how public policy affects employees, employers & the HR profession as a whole
  • Entering year four (2013) of five-year implementation
shrm a team background status2
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

A-Team Target States 2010-2014

-2011 Target

-2010 Target

-2013 Target

-2014 Target

-2012 Target

shrm a team background status3
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

A-Team Spanning the Country 2010, 2011 & 2012

  • Total of 190 Advocacy Captains out of 311 Districts
  • 1,300 A-Team members overall(Advocacy Captains and HR Advocates)
  • Over 125 training sessions educating 6,000 SHRM members
shrm a team background status4
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

2010-2012 Target States Needing Captain Candidates














New York










shrm a team background status5
SHRM A-Team Background & Status
  • A-Team Purpose
  • Intended to build upon successful but ad-hoc country-wide efforts in place (DITB, DITD, conference Hill Advocacy Days)
  • Two participation levels
    • HR Advocate
    • Advocacy Captain
  • Four “soloists” lobbyists vs. “choir” of 260,000 SHRM activists
    • Members represent diverse opinions (260,000 voices of information)
    • Members comprise the entire spectrum of employer settings
shrm a team background status6
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

Advocacy Captain Requirements

  • Must be a SHRM member in good standing
  • Strong preference for prior or current experience as anHR professional (HR certification highly desirable)
  • Must live within the congressional district he / she is representing as an Advocacy Captain
  • Appointment is made by SHRM with input from state councils and chapter representatives, among others
  • Serve a two-year term beginning the first day of January and ending the last day of December. May be reappointed for additional terms. It is advisable that one serves in this position for multiple terms.
shrm a team background status7
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

Advocacy Captain Job Description

  • Commit 30 minutes to 1 hour per month every other month; up to 2 – 4 hours during months meeting with legislators
  • Serve as the key advocacy contact in your congressional district
  • Develop and maintain (or foster) relationships with Congress & their staff
  • Recruit and train colleagues / allies to manage as district assets as well as successor Advocacy Captains
  • Understand SHRM’s priority issues and initiatives for sharing with team members
  • Learn SHRM’s online advocacy and feedback system
  • Inform legislative directors on activities in the district
  • Participate in on-line trainings, retraining sessions & “special insider” calls
  • Attend the SHRM Employment Law and Legislative Conference, as appropriate
shrm a team background status8
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

Georgia GAC (Government Affairs Committee)

shrm a team background status9
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

Moving the Needle with Measurable Results

  • House Concurrent Resolution 101 (Neal / Gerlach)
    • Sought 100 co-sponsors; had 52 as of early February 2012
    • SHRM launched coalition activities plus A-Team letter-writing & phone calls
    • Co-sponsorship hit 106 in two weeks (by mid-February intro)
  • SHRM testified FIVE times in 2012
    • Three hearings on workplace flexibility issues held last Congress
    • SHRM testified at each hearing
  • PERMANENT extension of Employer Provided Education Assistance in January 2013
shrm a team background status10
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

Moving the Needle with Measurable Results

  • Legislators called upon A-Team Captains & HR Advocates asa resource (Delaware, Illinois & Pennsylvania)
  • Over 140 SHRM members participated in inaugural A-Team GATChat during SOTU
  • VT SHRM held 1st legislative conference with 90 attendees
  • Third annual legislative conference with Hill Visit Days in California & Florida
  • NV SHRM’s 6th biennial legislative conference well attended by legislative speakers & HR professionals
  • Stateline, IL Fox Valley & Northwest HR Council SHRM Chapters held 1st legislative conference for 150 attendees
shrm a team background status11
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

Helpful Links

shrm a team background status12
SHRM A-Team Background & Status






2013 Target States for A-Team Programming


New Hampshire

North Carolina

South Carolina


shrm a team background status13
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

Advocacy: A Critical Ingredient to chapter, Council & SHRM Success

Be the voice on key HR issues in the community

Offer strategic educational programming for HR professionals

Support SHRM strategic priority while increasing visibility on “hot” HR issues

Contribute to SHAPE objectives / CLA areas of Government Affairs

shrm a team background status14
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

Advocacy: A Critical Ingredient to chapter, Council & SHRM Success

  • SHRM provides speakers on advocacy and public policy issues for state council and chapter programs
  • Quarterly A-Team conference calls to share successes / challenges and hear from policy insiders
  • Advocacy Captain Toolkit to help build HR Advocacy Teams will be available in Q1 2013
  • Sample press releases, marketing brochures, media strategies to support local A-Team program
shrm a team background status15
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

Advocacy: A Critical Ingredient to chapter, Council & SHRM Success




Request A-Team programming through the SHRM Speakers Bureau at

shrm a team background status16
SHRM A-Team Background & Status

A-Team Staff Contact Information

David M. Lusk

Senior Associate,

Member Advocacy

W: 703-535-6158

C: 703-597-3602

Chatrane Birbal

Senior Associate,

Member Advocacy

W: 703-535-6476C: 917-627-4682