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Common Support Queries

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Common Support Queries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Common Support Queries. Presenter: Matthew Whitehead Customer Support Manager, Team Bp. Learning from others mistakes. Data Backups and Recovery Planning Hardware and software issues Medicare issues Finding patients with matching criteria Deleting and recovering data

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Presentation Transcript
common support queries

Common Support Queries

Presenter: Matthew Whitehead

Customer Support Manager, Team Bp

learning from others mistakes
Learning from others mistakes
  • Data Backups and Recovery Planning
  • Hardware and software issues
  • Medicare issues
  • Finding patients with matching criteria
  • Deleting and recovering data
  • Software Enhancement Requests
  • Permission and Password issues

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disaster recovery planning
Disaster Recovery Planning
  • 10 practices per week on average encounter issues with backups.
  • Practices do not do regular backups
  • Practices do not have a backup server to restore in case of server failure
  • UPS’s are essential to prevent power surges and allow safe shutdown
  • Backups can be run live while using Best Practice
  • Appointment Book can be printed at the start of each day
  • RACGP accreditation requires a plan be implemented

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common hardware software issues
Common Hardware & Software Issues
  • Hard drive failures are frequent
  • Power surges/failure cause multiple issues
    • Windows Blue Screens
    • SQL corruption
    • Hard drive failure
  • Windows updates occur every Wednesday night
  • Firewalls and anti-virus software can interfere

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problems with medicare
Problems with Medicare
  • Medicare uses an old version of Java
  • Old billing software can change system settings
  • Certificates expire – new ones are issued but forgotten to import
  • Processing rejections is often incorrect

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searching for patients
Searching for patients
  • How to use search utility in Bp
  • Loading supplied queries
  • Requesting specific criteria from Bp Customer Support
  • Third party tools for data analysis
    • Pen CAT
    • CDMNet
  • Mail-outs can be performed from searches
  • Database ‘pruning’

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what happens to deleted data
What happens to deleted data?
  • Patients and items within Patients can be deleted from sight within Bp.
  • Items are never removed from database, however some items can be recovered through using Bp Utilities.
  • Merging patients is unable to be undone, as data is not deleted but changed to suit new patient details.

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suggestions for improvement
Suggestions for improvement
  • Bp Customer Support Team handles all suggestions and enhancement requests.
  • Items are logged in an internal ticket system which development team have direct access to.
  • Bp has nearly 3000 practices who request different functionality every day.
  • Bp has grown through suggestions over the past 10 years, becoming one of the more mature and sensible choices on the market.

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user access issues
User access issues
  • Permissions are often overlooked when setting up new users
  • Permissions are linked to user categories, and often users accidentally remove their access by changing categories.
  • User categories do not reflect any status within Bpi.e letters or invoices.
  • Passwords are often forgotten and cannot be reset by Bp.
    • Other users with full access to Bp can reset for the other user
  • Passwords are also used for database access for third party programs
    • Store these database passwords in a safe location, as this grants any experienced user full access to the raw database.

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this session s over but we re still here for you
This session’s over. (But we’re still here for you)

For assistance, please visit

You can contact our Customer Support Team on:

(07) 4155 8800

(07) 4153 2093

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