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Support Queries PowerPoint Presentation
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Support Queries

Support Queries

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Support Queries

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  1. Support Queries Dealing with a unexpected ‘Request Edit’ button. Press F5 to maximise this presentation

  2. When using the database occasionally a user will encounter the ‘Request Edit’ button when they were expecting the ‘Edit’ button. There are no know errors/bugs that cause this but a systematic check of the configuration should resolve this. Usually it is to do with the currently logged in user. Perhaps they have not been set up correctly. Or perhaps another user has not logged out correctly. Whatever the reason following through the steps outlined below will help you identify the problem.

  3. A useful check of which jobs the currently logged in user has permission to change can be found by selecting ‘My Jobs’. This option will change the contents of the ‘Job’ list to only display jobs that the current user has permission to edit in the current perspective.

  4. Click on the List Box to display the contents. If the list is blank the user has not permission to change jobs in the current perspective.

  5. It might be worth checking which user is currently logged onto the computer. Click ‘(Reports) Standard’

  6. Click the ‘(About the Database) Open’ button

  7. This will display the username of the user that is currently logged in. This is important because this is what drives the permissions. More than likely the user is logged in as someone unexpected. Or else there might be two users with very similar usernames that may have become muddled.

  8. To resolve the issue, navigate to the ‘Job Ownership’ form in the Admin section.

  9. Select the desired user and check and edit the Jobs accordingly. If the above check do not resolve the issue then please get in contact with support and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

  10. This is the end of the presentation.