do s don ts of cabinet cleaning n.
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Do's & Don'ts Of Cabinet Cleaning PowerPoint Presentation
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Do's & Don'ts Of Cabinet Cleaning

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Do's & Don'ts Of Cabinet Cleaning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do's & Don'ts Of Cabinet Cleaning

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do s don ts of cabinet cleaning

Do's & Don'ts




Cabinets not only act as storage spaces but also accentuate

overall look of the room. Your cabinetry however demands

regular care and cleaning. Here we have listed certain do’s

and don’ts of cabinet cleaning.



Clean cabinets with a

solution of water & mild

detergent on regular basis to

remove dirt, dust or grease

spilled on the surface.

Use an abrasive material such

as steel wool to clean the

cabinets as these can cause

discoloration and scratching

of the surface.

Use blotting action for the

cabinet cleaning in order to

keep them in good condition.

Clean the surface with a wet

cloth as water dripping from

cloth can damage the cabinets.

Clean the cabinet with a soft,

non-abrasive cloth

dampened in a solution of

warm water & soap.

Use furniture wax or polish on

properly finished cabinets as

doing so may make the surface

appear irregular.

Clean the cabinet in a wiping

motion as it may significantly

damage the finish of the


Wipe off the watermarks

and spills as and when they


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