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Rid of Genital Warts | Wartcream PowerPoint Presentation
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Rid of Genital Warts | Wartcream

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Rid of Genital Warts | Wartcream - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First It Penertrates the Wart and Breaks Down the Warts Structure. Once It Has Destroyed the Wart Its Second Action Is to Renew the Skin Where the Wart Was So It Is Returned to the Way It Was Before the Infection. \nVisit Us:

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for men and women looking for a genital warts

For men and women looking for a genital warts home remedy, Clinical strength SOMXL® is one of the most effective remedies for genital warts available without prescription. SOMXL® with our Dual-action treatment works to rid the skin of genital warts while also working with the skin to rejuvenate and heal it.

our hpv wart removal cream can remove the warts

Our HPV wart removal cream can remove the warts and repair and heal the skin. With its Dual-action wart removal cream, your skin will be left clean and clear once again. Now you can have your skin restored to the way it was before the infection. This treatment will remove the marks left behind by warts and you can have the skin you once had.

we show below the before and after images

We show below the “before” and “after” images of warts on our customer’s feet and hands. Our formulated genital wart treatment is designed for the most sensitive of skin, we do not show images of these areas as they can be too graphic.

clinical strength somxl was developed

Clinical Strength SOMXL® Was developed for senitive skin areas where it is difficult to treat warts with lasers or acids. It targets the strains that cause Genital warts, varginal warts and anal warts. These warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (strains HPV 6 and 11). It is an effective genital wart treatment cream researched specifically for these areas and will not burn or scar. Our formulated treatment works quickley to remove the warts and bring through your clean new skin.