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Comparative Quotes

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Comparative Quotes. Tess of the D'Urbervilles and Return of the Native. Tess+ Eustacia. Tess and Eustacia are portrayed as not regular women of the time

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Comparative Quotes

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    1. Comparative Quotes Tess of the D'Urbervilles and Return of the Native

    2. Tess+ Eustacia • Tess and Eustacia are portrayed as not regular women of the time • Tess- Pg104-” women whose chief companions are the forms and forces of outdoor Nature retain in their souls far more of the Pagan fantasy of their remote forefathers than of the systemized religion taught their race at later date” • Eustacia- “She had Pagan eyes, full of nocturnal mysteries”

    3. Tess and Eustacia • Hardy makes these women stand out, from social restraints of the time. • They often appear god like, and are severel Pagan references • Pre-death Tess is found lying as if sacrificed at Stonehenge, famous for pagan sacrafice • Eustacia is accused of being a with • In the end they are both killed, it as if the Pagan gods have called for them back. It is like they are not in their right time.

    4. Tess + Tamsin • Both women represent an innocent nature before Tess, is ruined by Alec • Tess-pg14, ”A young member of the band turned her head at the exclamation. She was a fine and handsome girl- not handsomer than some others, possibly- but her mobile peony mouth large and innocent eyes added eloquence to color and shape.” • Tamsin- page 41, “It was a fair sweet and honest country face, reposing in a nest of wavy chestnut hair. It was between pretty and beautiful. Though her eyes were closed one could easily imagine the light necessarily shining in them as the culmination of the luminous workmanship around”

    5. Tess +Thomasin • Both of the girls are depicted as innocent • Hardy's references to their bright eyes, gives the idea their eyes are open to the world, they still see things safe and good, naive from the true evils out their • Thomason mirrors Tess Pre-Alec, however once Tess is let loose in the real world, she is more similar to Eustacia who does not see the same light. • They originally symbolize innocent young women who would be the ideal girl to marry at the age.

    6. Clym + Angel • Both of these Men, appear to be hero’s however deep down they are weak and stubborn. • Angel- “ She was appalled by the determination revealed in the depths of this gentle being she had married” • Clym- Wildeve is trying to Convince Eustacia to run away with him, while Clym, curls up into a ball beside the fire blind.

    7. Clym + Angel • Both of these men are supposed to be the heros of the novel, supposed to save eustacia and tess from their pasts and take them away for a better life. • Angel however abandons Tess and is never there when she most needs him • Clymdoes nothing to help Eustacias dreams, and pushes her towards Wildeve and does little to stop her, he become a weak pathetic self sympathizer.

    8. Alec + Damon • These Men both prove to be the final downfall, in the women’s life, as their death bring the death of the women. • Damon- “It was the pantomimic expression of a lady killing carreer” • Alec- “He who was to be the blood red ray, in the spectrum of her young life”

    9. Alec+ Damon • Both of these men are indirectly responsible for the death of their ‘Lovers’ • Quotations give foreshadowing, and the idea that it is fate that these men will bring the death of their women. • It could symbolize the views of men and women of the time. In the novels, the women die without the men, giving the idea of female dependency on men.