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m etabase
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  1. metabase

  2. The metabase is… …a composition of metadata and database …an information tool on the capacity of a national statistical system …a knowledge hub for innovations in statistics …a foundation for IDR country selection process

  3. Structure Timeliness Use Publicly available information Storing meta- Information & links Grouping into six dimensions Making it open again! Institutions Soundness Innovation Access 4cm 2cm metaprofiles! metainsights! 3cm Statistical Capacity Building Name: Yellow Cube Source: http://www.... Year: XXXX Description: This cube is yellow, it is 3cm wide and...

  4. CRVS Coverage Source: United Nations Statistics Division, accessed via PARIS21 Metabase

  5. Civil Society Organizations Source: United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs – NGO Branch, accessed via PARIS21 Metabase

  6. Micro Data Source: International Household Survey Network, accessed via PARIS21 Metabase

  7. Why these 6 dimensions? Timeliness Use What describes good data? What is the demand for statistics? Institutions Soundness Innovation Access How can characteristics of a NSS be structured? How are the governance structures? Statistical Capacity Building Where are the barriers for people to get data? Which are the innovations of today and tomorrow?

  8. Rationale of Dimensions Access and Dissemination Public availability of data is the foundation of a better informed society Soundness of Methods A sound methodology builds trust in data and ensures transparency Timeliness Timely data helps decision makers react quickly and stay informed Use/Demand Knowledge on the demand for data improves efficiency in the data production Institutional Environment A healthy institutional environment is a catalyst for statistical development Innovations Innovations offer solutions for today’s problems and inform tomorrow’s standards

  9. What’s new? User Orientation NSO website assessment New paths for efficiency Demand for statistics assessment All-encompassing Unofficial data providers Forward-looking Innovations

  10. Transparent & Open Internal & External Review Discussion thread Linking to source Downloadable

  11. What do you think? • Choice of Dimensions • Choice of Indicators • Allocation of indicators to dimensions

  12. What can we do with it? • Strengthen innovation dimension • Assessment Tool: Make IDR ranking process open • Scenario Planning Tool: Assess institutional and technological innovations by impact and feasibility • Broaden scope on the unofficial data producer side