hi friends nice to meet you n.
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Hi, friends! Nice to meet you! PowerPoint Presentation
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Hi, friends! Nice to meet you!

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Hi, friends! Nice to meet you! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hi, friends! Nice to meet you!
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  1. Hi, friends! Nice to meet you! My nameisCristiana mysurnameisPaglietta and my nickname isCri I’m12yearsold and I’m fromItaly. My townisCava dei Tirreni

  2. I speakItalian, English and French I was born on February 5th, 2000 - I go to Junior High School "A. Balzico" in Cava de' Tirreni. I attend the 7th grade Here we are at Christmas!

  3. I have got an adorable sister.Her name is Maria Francesca.She is 14 years old. She is pretty shy, kind, creative and homeloving. She loves eating I have got a close cousin. His name is Alfredo My parents are divorced, so I’ve two families: one with my mother and another one with my father.

  4. I like sports, I am hard-working, passionate, but shy I used to ride a horse , but now I play volleyball

  5. My favourite animal is cat • I have got three cats. Raul Giuggiola Mila

  6. I'm a good runner I like to make cakes I like reading adventure books My favourite colour isblue-sky

  7. My favourite subjects are English and History • My favourite food is pizza and “mozzarella” I don’t like fish!

  8. My family and I are fans of NAPOLI SOCCER TEAM My favourite soccer player isGohkanInler Here I amwithhim!!!

  9. MY DAILY ROUTINE I usually get up at 7.00 a.m I have breakfast

  10. I wash my face I get dressed I combmyhair and I go to school

  11. After school I go back home and I have lunch I do myhomework And then I watch Tv

  12. I havedinner And I go to bed

  13. This is the typical food of my country

  14. Thankyou for listening Bye Bye