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Crowdfunding Kids Birthday Parties - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Crowdfunding Kids Birthday Parties

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Crowdfunding is an internet phenomena where people can post on a website asking

for money to implement a personal project or design idea.

However, parents have taken to on a website asking

crowdfunding kids birthday parties too!

Some parents want to raise money for a

party as their child has a disability or the

family has some special circumstances.

However, a lot of parents are seeking

crowdfunding as a cheaper alternative to

paying for the whole thing.

Crowdfunding campaigns usually give back to the community or further

technological progress and innovation.

However, birthday parties do not.

A quick search of illustrates what crowdfunding can be used

for – helping a child with cancer get to Disneyland, saving an Animal Rescue

Shelter, and helping a family get back on their feet after hard times. Full