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Birthday Parties For Kids PowerPoint Presentation
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Birthday Parties For Kids

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Birthday Parties For Kids
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Birthday Parties For Kids

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  1. s Birthday Parties For Kids

  2. laser tag  Are you game? At Make Believe Family Fun Center, we believe that laser tag is about more than just free-for-all firing. It’s about the thrill of the chase, the triumph of a righteous quest and total immersion into the game world. Explore the mysterious Enchanted Forest in our two story state-of-the-art laser tag arena; complete with a mezzanine, enchanted obstacles, and interactive targets. Kids and parents alike will love exploring this rich fantasy world as they play one of 22 laser tag scenarios. Play friend vs. foe, last man standing, target sharpshooting, slow motion war games, rescue missions and so much more. For more details : /

  3. s  mini bowling It wouldn’t be family fun without bowling!  Step into a world of retro fun with some modern style. Our mini bowling alley is a kaleidoscope of colors with fun hues, artsy patterns and that classic cosmic bowling feel. You don’t even need to change your shoes!  Instead of fretting about the size (and stink factor) of bowling shoes, we let you tackle the alley in your own sneakers. Make Believe Family Fun Center has 4 mini bowling lanes built specifically for family play. Each lane is slightly shorter than what you’ll find at a typical bowling alley, making it fun for kids as well as adults For more details : /

  4. z Ballocity Are you ready for another daring adventure? It’s more than just the “floor is lava” in Make Believe’s volcano themed Ballocity pale the mountain and avoid dangers around every corner.  Our adventure playground lay area.  Scis three stories of climbing, crawling, ducking, darting, gliding and sliding fun.  Kids 12 and younger are invited to race the clock to escape the brewing volcano, or stay and play daring the ire of Mount Ballocity.  Crawl up the mountain level by level, then race down to escape faster than the lava.   For more details : /

  5. zss  Spin zone If you can’t take the heat, get out of the street!Welcome to Spin City, where the competition is hot and the competitors are fierce. These aren’t your grandmother’s bumper cars (but she’ll have just as much fun on them as you do!). Race through a bright cityscape as you try to evade your pursuers. In bumper cars, it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves! You’ll bounce, bump, and spin out your loved ones as you fight to show them who’s the best driver of all. For more details : /

  6. ropes course Ahoy there, mateys! Ready for a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas? It’s time to strap in, scramble about the rigging and search for buried treasure with your crew of valiant fortune-hunters. Yo ho, yo ho! a pirate’s life for thee!Make Believe family adventures aren’t just for kids. At the Walk the Plank ropes course, we invite moms and dads to test their skills against their kids’ boundless energy in a daring adventure high up in the sky. Once we strap you into our safety equipment and share the latest rumors about buried treasure, you and your family will embark on an adventure unlike any other For more details : /

  7. v Contact Us website: Contact no :(440) 385-5500 8303 Day Dr, Parma, OH 44129 Thank You For more details : /