2004 connectathon test process
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2004 Connectathon Test Process. Steve Moore Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology. What’s New in 2004?. Joint connectathon with Radiology Cardiology IT Infrastructure Some vendors testing for demonstrations Some vendors testing only. First Registration Step.

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Presentation Transcript
2004 connectathon test process

2004 Connectathon Test Process

Steve Moore

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology

What s new in 2004
What’s New in 2004?

  • Joint connectathon with

    • Radiology

    • Cardiology

    • IT Infrastructure

  • Some vendors testing for demonstrations

  • Some vendors testing only

Connectathon Test Process

First registration step
First Registration Step

  • Send me an IHE Connectathon Testing Request so we can understand all profiles/options you support

  • This replaces the “Software Registration Form” of past years

  • Please do this by Nov 1

Connectathon Test Process

Repeat customers and repeat tests
Repeat Customers and Repeat Tests

  • Some equipment has been with us for several years

  • Some tests are very simple and should probably be run only once

  • Eric Poiseau and Steve Moore will work on a plan to reduce repetition to give you more time for new features

Connectathon Test Process

The plan for unscheduled testing
The Plan for “Unscheduled” Testing

  • Using the same sessions, participants will be able to arrange tests with “unscheduled” partners

  • We will use a web-based system created for the IHE-Europe 2002 Connectathon

  • Web-based system will give you lists of partners and a mechanism for synchronizing with those partners

Connectathon Test Process

Example of unscheduled testing
Example of “Unscheduled” Testing

  • Modality A is paired to test with Img Mgrs X, Y, Z

  • Mod A uses web tool and finds Img Mgr Y is idle

  • Both Modality A and Image Manager Y indicate on the web system that they are occupied

  • X and Z look for other systems for testing

Connectathon Test Process

The plan for scheduled testing
The Plan for “Scheduled” Testing

  • Week is divided into eight half-day sessions

  • In a session, you are assigned to run a specific set of tests with partners designated by Project Manager

  • For example

    • Wed PM could be ACC demo groups

    • Wed AM could be HIMSS demo groups

    • Wed PM could be Radiology Scheduled Workflow

Connectathon Test Process

Ihe europe web based scheduling tool
IHE-Europe Web-based Scheduling Tool

  • The tool is used

    • During the connectathon

    • During connectathon preparation period.

  • Management of

    • system configuration

    • Mesa log return follow-up

    • Connectathon tests

Connectathon Test Process

System configuration management
System Configuration Management

  • Submit actors and systems supported by system

  • Get :

    • List of transaction to support

    • List of Mesa Tests to perform

Connectathon Test Process

Connectathon test management
Connectathon Test Management

  • List and planning of tests to perform during the week

  • Tracking of tests performed and test verification by Project Managers

    • You can go home with your check list

  • Map of the room (where is your peer located in the room)

  • Test Chat Room

    • Each individual test has a chat room where logs and comment can be stored.

Connectathon Test Process

Test monitors
Test Monitors

  • MIR staff will serve as monitors.

    • We will recruit some additional monitors

  • Monitors will direct individual scheduled test groups

  • For some tests, monitors will come after the fact to review logs

Connectathon Test Process

Connectathon test results
Connectathon Test Results

  • To receive credit for a test (scheduled and unscheduled), MIR staff must verify individual test results.

  • You and your test partner(s) must use system displays/logs to show sufficient evidence that the test completed successfully.

Connectathon Test Process

How many tests are enough
“How Many Tests Are Enough?”

  • Depends on the test and the number of available actors.

  • General rule is three unique instances.

  • Breadth before depth.

  • Score card will be updated at the end of Wed, Thurs.

Connectathon Test Process

Mesa supporting systems
MESA Supporting Systems

  • MWL server.

  • Order entry system.

Connectathon Test Process

I m done can i go home now
“I’m Done. Can I Go Home Now?”

  • Supervised testing will continue until 12:00 on Friday for EVERYONE.

  • All systems must be functioning and staffed.

  • Others may need you in order to complete their tests.

  • Packing up early is too disruptive.

  • Systems beginning to pack early will be FAILED and not listed in the final program.

Connectathon Test Process

Other important rules
Other Important Rules

  • No system will be allowed to add profiles at the Connectathon. (e.g. ARI)

  • Project Management can disqualify a system from further testing and related Integration Profile if the system’s continuation is deemed too disruptive to further testing.

Connectathon Test Process

How can i prepare for connectathon
How Can I Prepare For Connectathon?

  • Submit information to Project Manager on time:

    • Configuration information

    • MESA Test results

  • Read test plan when it is published (Dec)

  • Test with partners in advance if possible

  • Configure your equipment before you ship

Connectathon Test Process