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History of Baseball

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History of Baseball - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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History of Baseball. Nicholas Kelly. It has been said that baseball is the past time of America, and whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball. Baseball has affected America in each of these ways: Economically Financially Socially.

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history of baseball

History of Baseball

Nicholas Kelly


It has been said that baseball is the past time of America, and whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball.

  • Baseball has affected America in each of these ways:
  • Economically
  • Financially
  • Socially
when it started

In the early 1800s, Americans began playing baseball on informal teams using local rules that weren't published.

  • There had not actually been a formal game until 1845 when the New York Knickerbockers lost 23-1 to the New York Nine.
When it Started
how baseball has changed

There is a difference in how the sport baseball is played today and in the 19th century.

  • Changes involved with the pitching strategy were made and the change made in banning the spitball changed to the ban of any moistened pitch. Also the strike zone had been shrunk and the height of the pitchers mound was lowered.
How Baseball Has Changed
money market on baseball

The amount of money a baseball player makes varies between 300,000$ to about 30,000,000$ depending on how good the player does throughout the season.

  • If a player has a high batting average and is not making any errors in the field then he will be making more money than a person with a low batting average and is making a lot of errors in the field.
  • A lot of money can come from this career if you do your job and are succeeding in the sport and if you help your team win.
Money Market on Baseball
how baseball affected the u s e conomically

Baseball has provided labor for thousands of people and has made America a lot of money from other countries wanting to come to America to play the sport.

How Baseball Affected the U.S. Economically
how baseball has affected the u s financially

Along with jobs baseball provides a lot of money for the United States. Other countries from around the world pay to come watch and pay to play baseball.

  • People make money off of selling tickets, food, drinks, the staff required to maintain the field, and the coaching that needs to be provided for the players so they can get better and play harder.
How Baseball Has Affected the U.S. Financially
how baseball has affected the u s s ocially

Baseball has influenced many other countries to play the sport and baseball has helped America develop socially within itself because it helped influence people to not be racial against the African American race.

  • America is a more accepting and appealing country ever since the “color line” was erased.
How Baseball Has Affected the U.S. Socially
interesting facts

Prior to the 1930 American League season, and prior to the 1931 National League season, fly balls that bounced over or through the outfield fence were home runs.

  • A fly ball over the fence had to land in fair territory, or be fair when last seen by the umpire, in order to be a home run.
  • Pitchers used to have to pitch underhanded and a pitch would only have been counted a strike if the batter had swung and missed.
Interesting Facts

1839- Abner Doubleday is credited with inventing baseball in Cooperstown, New York.

  • 1845- Alexander Joy Cartwright develops the rules of baseball.
  • 1846- The first official game of baseball is played between the Knickerbockers and a group of cricket players.
  • 1918- The "Star-Spangled Banner" is sung at a baseball game for the first time.
timeline continued

1923- The Negro National League is a huge success.

  • 1932- Babe Ruth hits his legendary "called shot" home run against Charlie Root and the Chicago Cubs.
  • 1936- baseball hall of fame began.
  • 1945-Jackie Robinson makes his Major League debut.
  • 1974- Hank Aaron breaks Babe Ruth's career home run record. Which was 714.
  • 2007- Barry Bonds breaks Hank Aarons homerun record.
Timeline Continued


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