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Owlvin’s Quest!

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Owlvin’s Quest! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Owlvin’s Quest!

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  1. Owlvin’s Quest! By: Gabriel Huber the Scientist

  2. Once upon a time there was an owl named Owlvin Tawny. Owlvin had bigger ears than all of his other class mates, mostly because he was an owl. He was good at hunting at night because his excellent hearing helped him find his prey that he could not see very well. He didn’t have very many friends. Everyone says his face looked like a satellite dish. What will Owlvin do? What his people didn’t understand was that his disc-like face helped the invisible sound waves get to his large ears.

  3. Owlvin decided to go on a quest. Something that proved he was a loyal bird, that he was not some weird looking thing with huge ears, (that are very helpful, by the way). Everyone thought he was poor because he lived in an abandoned house that was haunted. The only problem was, he didn’t know what he was going to do. Suddenly, his brain hatched an idea! He could go into THE CAVE OF NO RETURN (idiot)! There was a giant monster named Gleeknominous who destroyed anything in its path. Twenty feet fins, four glowing yellow eyes. Everyone who had entered, never came back!

  4. Owlvin started his journey on a warm, sunny day. He ditched school during 1st period. Every one was wondering where he was. “Owlvin! Where are you!” blabbed his teacher, Mrs. Birds. None of the other students cared where Owlvin was. Owlvin was gliding lowly when a female owl approached him. Owlvin got scared because the female was a lot larger than he was. He fought, but the female tackled him to the ground (because she was bigger). Owlvin squawked loudly. The female got scared and flew away. Owlvin was satisfied. Owlvin kept walking, he got to… THE CAVE OF NO RETURN. Owlvin saw a giant lake in the cave. Owlvin glanced and saw something moving in the water. RRRRRROOOOOAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!! Gleeknominous sprang out of the lake. Owlvin FREAKED. He flew in circles. Gle eknominous looked at Owlvin, puzzled. Gleeknominous swung his fin at Owlvin. Owlvin was flung against a stalactite. The stalactite cracked and dropped to the cave floor.

  5. Owlvin was confused. When he went through the monster’s chest his feathers got wet. He was made of water! Then Captain Underpants came out of nowhere and used wedgie power! He took a pair of underwear and flung it Gleeknominous. It stuck to Gleeknomious’s head and Gleeknominous plopped into the lake. Owlvin dashed at Gleeknominous with his eight, large, extremely sharp talons. The talons dug into the monster’s soggy chest but Owlvin went straight through Gleeknominous and had no effect.

  6. The dogs that lived around the lake awarded Owlvin with a giant vole. Owlvin dug into the meat. “I wish I had a large, strong beak” said one of the dogs. After he ate the vole he coughed up the bones and fur in a pellet. “EEEEWWWW!!!!!!!” yelled the pups. Owlvin went home and told his mom everything. THE END!!!!!!